Another tooth was lost yesterday – this time out of the mouth of Miss8. She now seems to have more gaps than teeth. If she keeps this up we may have to start blending her meals and feeding her with a straw.

There was a mad panic at midnight last night when I realized I had again forgotten all about playing The Tooth Fairy. Yet again.

I woke up Tracey as I desperately rummaged through wallets, purses, bags and draws looking for coinage while simultaneously trying to think of excuses why The Tooth Fairy mightn’t have made it – we didn’t leave a window open wide enough for her to get in: we heard Jazz the dog growling at something last night, maybe he scared her off. You know, the usual sorts of things us parents have to come up with when we drop the ball (you guys do that too, right?).

At one point I considered raiding Miss8’s own piggy bank, but fortunately I managed to scrape together a couple of dollars and thereby avoided reserving myself a particularly hot spot in the afterlife.


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