Old Shows are New Again

Why is it some shows and games never seem to go away? When Master19 was a kid he was into Pokemon, Digimon and Bayblades, and her we are, some ten years later, and Miss7, Master6 & Miss4 are into the same things.

I have a habit of watching Get Smart, Bewitched & Hogan’s Heroes every given chance, but then I was raised on a steady TV diet.

Far too much time has been spent with electronics lately and as this weekend looked like being miserable weather, Tracey and I decided we’d treat the kids and buy them each a Bayblade. For the initiated, that’s a spinning top.
Some serious discussion of tactics ensued in BigW while they each chose their weapon and, since coming home and building their Bayblades I haven’t seen hide nor hair of them (although I can hear them yelling out ‘attack!’ from two rooms away). 
The toys were $13 each, which can break the budget when you need to purchase so many, but I know how much playtime Master19 got out of his. They’ll be money well spent 🙂

What do you think?

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