A Blinder Of A Start To 2015


  • Some people seem to find it easier to blame their own failings on others. I always love to see what your family is up to (which is by far bigger than mine – I have 3), and marvel at how similair parenting is no matter what size. Even my partner has a chuckle at the goings on at your house, then does something equally as stupid, if not more so…

    Happy New Year!

    • We laugh at dumb around here. Makes for a right ol’ house of chuckles 🙂 Thanks for your support, Kate. And Happy New Year to you and stupid 😉

  • Love your blog. It always makes me smile. I only had 2 kids but my daughter now has 4 young boys, one born just before Xmas . I’ve just spent xmas with them and I’m exhausted, I take my hat off to people who have big families.

  • I would have replied to her too, why should she have all the say? I get annoyed when people complain about TV or radio (this was before blogs)when all they had to do was hit the off button. Same with blogs, if a blog is not to ones taste any more then just leave. Rude to slag off just because its no longer her cup of tea.
    I enjoy your blogs and look forward to reading when one pops up in my email box. Your blog has changed over time but tats t be expected when the family is growing and changing.
    Keep up the good work Bruce and Happy new year to you and yours

    • I guess my writing has changed a bit over the years. I’d like to think it’s improved. As this is the longest we’ve gone without a baby in Tracey’s belly on in a cot, I daresay the spelling is better lol

  • Ahh Bruce. I’m so sorry you have to put up with idiots like that. But unfortunately, if your even a little bit famous (I hope this word puts a smile on your face!), then some people think they can say and do what they like even if its completely unnecessary and unjustified. And even though we know Belinda from Mt Pain in the Arse shouldn’t matter, her nastiness still stings.
    But just like the annoying mozzie she is, squish her flat (metaphorically of course) and be thankful she’s no longer buzzing around.
    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your brood and your most patient and beautiful wife (she must be as I stopped at two which is more than enough to test my sanity! ) an awesome 2015. I personally can sense in my water’s that 2015 is going to be bloody awesome. It has to be as 2014 sucked so the only way is up from here!!
    Cheers and hugs, from Emma, her adoring hubby, two mischievous boys, one cat, three dogs, one rabbit, one budgie and my 1200 hens 😉

    • 1200 hens! That’s an awful lot of nappies to change 😉 Loved the ‘in my waters’ reference too – made me giggle. Thanks for those kind words, Emma. It’s easy dealing with all the trappings of fame. Apparently. Certainly haven’t noticed anything different lol I was told the bigger the blog the more nutters will be attracted to it, so I guess this is all part of the fun. I don’t take it personally anymore (I did at first). I just give a little back and make myself laugh at their expense. I figure it’s the price they pay for being keyboard warriors. Have a great 2015!

  • i would have replied & I wouldn’t have been as polite as you!! Love reading you. Have everything to all of you

  • Haha Belinda got served!
    I feel sad for her, to be honest. While you were having a nice NYE, she was obviously lonely enough to sit around spreading hate (instead of enjoying her own company and quietly reflecting on who she wants to be and how she wants to better herself in 2015). She must be a very unhappy person.
    Also, I have like 50 children and I earn 5c a week, so suck it, Bruce. LOL JK (goes back to easy life with one child).
    Your answer to her was very good, but I think if she bites a second time perhaps don’t give her any more fuel!
    Happy New Year to you and your gorgeous family and incredibly intelligent and funny wife 😉

    • I really just wanted to use the phrase ‘go forth and mulitply’ 🙂 Cheers, Kez, and a very, very Happy New Year to you and yours x

  • I believe in fighting bitchiness with saccharine kindness. Perhaps Belinda might cure her hangover by starting up her own blog and find time in her busy, poor life to regale you with tales. The domain name biggerfamilylittlerincome.com might even still be available. And grammatically suited to someone such as herself. Meanwhile, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Still loving the laughs, Bruce. My Mr Two isn’t nearly as cheeky as yours, but a lot further off putting his poo in the right spot!

  • Well Bruce, I love your laid back attitude to life and the fact you always seem to find the humourous side to most things.

    Don’t care if someone has more or less kids and more or less income, I just enjoy your approach to life.

    To borrow from the 70s – keep on keeping on and have a fabulous 2015

  • Meh, you might have done the ‘childish’ thing but I, along with many others I am sure, would have done the same. I enjoy reading the things you post and it brightens my day often. Keep doing what you are doing. Your whole family is awesome! 🙂

  • Thats all kinds of super sucky that the first message of the year was from someone who seems a little resentful that you’ve hit on a super successful formula for your blog. Your posts are my highlight, I look forward to them each night as they tend to appear in my blog feed as I’m going to bed, and I can definately see the evolution in your family over the years. Poor is an interesting word to use – I have never thought of your family as poor Bruce! You are too busy have fun and making the most of everything to be poor.

    • It’s a word we aren’t really qualified to use in this country. But we were struggling week to week for too many weeks. Appreciate what you’ve said here, Elise 🙂 I love people connect with our madness 😀

  • yeah we have more kids and smaller income too so what of it ? It’s not a badge of honour you do what you do , if she was ticked off by your blog why stay ? Seriously some people carry a chip the size of Uluru . I love your blog it’s about the simple things in life having a laugh at yourself and finding the diamond in the ordinary. More of us could aspire to it.

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