Why I Run

Today I ran (power walked). And rode. And collapsed like dead weight onto our lounge.As baby number 7 is due at the end of January and I am old beyond belief I am desperate to wring a few extra years out of this body.I was riding past Miss16’s school this afternoon when I had the urge to stop and do a few laps of the ovals. My feet haven’t hit the pavement in anything faster than a brisk walk in years but today I picked up the pace to a slow, painful jog.

I’m feeling it now though lol

I’ve decided to add some jogging (we’ll call it jogging even though it’s more of a geriatric shuffle) to my exercise routine because I need some variety. Now, rather than just being able to torture myself on a bike I can torture myself without a bike. Variety, see ?!?

Come summer I’m even thinking about doing a couple of laps at the pool, although I’m thinking across the pool initially, not length-ways, which would require floaties. And that would be a couple of laps over the course of a week, not both on the same day. Maybe even two weeks. Let’s face it, the second lap may not happen, we’ll just have to see how the first one pans out and go from there.

I’ve been using two ‘tools’ to help me get on with it – WALK JOG RUN to keep track of my distances, and GIANT REAL RIDERS to put my goals out there so I feel pressure to do what I say I’m going to do.

So far I’ve barely lost 3kg, but I am feeling sharper, stronger and sorer. Loving it.

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