Mincing our way to the freezer

We had another delivery of mince tonight from a local mobile butcher. 20kg of Gympie’s best.

Tracey and I spent half an hour in the kitchen bagging it up while Jazz tried hard to work out how to open a door without hands.

We’re actually spreading the joy this time, with my parents taking a couple of kilos and Tracey’s sister snapping up 5.

At $6 a kilo, it’s a bargain. What I love about this mince is how little fat there is in it, meaning it all goes that much further.

While $120 is a lot to fork out in one go we put a little aside each week for bulk purchases so our budget isn’t blown. Plus we get $42 back from our orders, so it really only hit our budget $78 for 13kg.

I can almost take the lasagne.

What do you think?

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