Happy Birthday Master20 & Miss17

Our oldest two are a little older today – same date, three years apart. It’s always been fantastic for me because it’s easier to remember. I can’t believe I have a twenty year old!!! I mean, I’m barely out of my teens myself.Master20 won’t be joining us again in G-town until Christmas Day, but we blew out some candles and had a lunch of pizza in the park with Miss17 today. Even Grandma & Grandad joined us. At one point our big girl was feeling unwell, something which has been going on and off for a few months.

“Maybe you need a pregnancy test,” Tracey joked. When Miss17 replied seriously that she perhaps should Tracey was a little taken aback, although she tried to hide it.

“We’ll buy one on the way home,” she told Miss17.

“Buy what?” asked my daughter.

“A pregnancy test,” repeated Tracey.

“Oh my god! Why would I need that?! I thought you said a blood test.”

Miss17’s not-calling-him-a-boyfriend-yet slept over last night. Again, we had the door left open and Miss17 was up in her tower (the bunk bed) while Zack was in the moat (mattress on floor). Miss17 told me she wanted to wait up until midnight so he could wish her happy birthday and give her presents.

“What presents?” I inquired.

“Some jewelry and something else,” she said. The images of what this something else might be kept me awake and alert until 1pm.

Because we’re evil we called Master20 up three times this morning before work to sing happy birthday. Woke him every time. We’re such shits 🙂  Anyway, The Lovely Frances can give him hugs from us all.

Great joy to see my oldest two growing up so well and spreading their wings. Love you guys. Happy Birthday!


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  • haha! thanks for the giggle!
    We have 3 adult children now, which seems really weird sometimes as we’re also much too young to have such grown up kids, lol!
    Funnily enough, we have 2 kids sharing a birthday as well, but 6 yrs apart!

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