We Attempt To Go Paperless In The Loo

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There aren’t many places, in a house of seven, to sit and enjoy a good book.

And now, thanks to one of our little cherubs, there’s one less.

“I can’t believe the little ways in which you’re making my life harder,” Tracey said to me.

“You’re welcome,” I said cheekily. “And what have I done this time?”

It seems Miss4 has started to copy me. Only not any of the good stuff I do, like making Tracey cups of tea or screwing drawer handles back into place.

Have you ever noticed how the habits your kids tend to pick up are the ones you don’t want them to? It’s never things like putting the bin out or picking up toys. It’s always something like nose picking. And yet I think you’d be hard pressed to find a parent who has ever said, ‘just shove your finger in there and try lever it out.’ But the the little buggers have all picked the habit up from somewhere, haven’t they.

Let’s face it, the best you can hope for is to teach them to do it in private.

Not that nose picking was the problem Tracey was wagging her finger at me for. Not this time, anyway. This time it was something even I think is going to be a big problem in the not so distant future.

“Go check out what your daughter is doing,” said Tracey, directing me to our bathroom – a room, I might add, which has a multiple of functions in this home, considering it houses the bath, shower, dryer, two sinks, two washing machines and the toilet.

Specifically, it was the toilet which was the problem. Or rather, the little girl perched on it. Reading.

“Any idea where she’s learnt that?” Tracey asked me.

“Playschool?” I suggested.

To be honest, I thought it was super cute. Right up until Tracey explained how this was going to work on any given morning where the one toilet combined with seven bladders means we already send Master9 outside to water the citrus occasionally.

So, moving forward, Tracey’s asked that I not take any reading material with me to the bathroom so she can bring in a rule where no one is allowed to take reading material into the bathroom. Good parenting is about consistency.

Naturally, I agreed to her request. Mainly because I figure I can watch Youtube on the iPad.

With that in mind, I fully expect I’ll have another similarly themed post for you very soon.

A reenactment (she's sitting on the lid).
A reenactment (she’s sitting on the lid).

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  • My 8 year old does the same thing, except he never got the idea from either of his parents (we are the kind that dump and run!). I think its his way of getting extra reading time and a bit of space from his little sister – I do wonder if he’s knocked himself unconscious from time to time though, thank goodness for air fresher!

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