How To Egg Houses: A Guide For Children

If the kids are going to egg houses, I think it’s important they learn how to do it properly.

Last night we carried on a fantastic tradition we took up last year – egging people’s houses. With Easter eggs, of course.

There are so many parts to love in this exercise in spreading the love – loading the plastic eggs, colouring in the letters and, of course, sneaking around people’s houses in the dark to make the deliveries.

Mind you, stealthily creeping up to people’s houses does have the potential to cause trouble.  One husband was going to call the police.

“There’s a weirdo in the front yard,” he told his wife, who in turn sent a text to Tracey when she figured it out.

“He’s very perceptive,” Tracey explained to her. “Cause that was Bruce.”

Funny bugger.

Not that we were especially quiet – numerous parents poked their heads out of the house to find out what we were doing. And four dogs. All at once. Loudly.

That was when Tracey was helping with a delivery, so that was hilarious.

But the funniest thing was watching my kids trying to be quiet. Miss9, in particular, took on the characteristics of a lame duck, trying to limp stealthily with her arms flapping about for balance. Master7 could have given Inspector Clouseau a run for his money.

Actually, now I think of it, the kids didn’t stand much of a chance of sneaking in and out without being seen because I was just about wetting myself in the car watching them.

Here’s the poem we used on the notes we left behind to let people know their houses had been egged.


Look at that! You’ve just been EGGed

But do not be alarmed.

We came, we dropped, we ran away…

Your house, it was not harmed.

So what is this before you now?

Just an early Easter Surprise.

Be quick and look around your yard….

Many EGGs lay in disguise.

A secret friend has just dropped by

To share some spring time cheer.

So now you’re it! It’s now your turn

To EGG a house that’s near.

Select a friend, or two or three…

Gather some EGGs for each.

Be sly and hide them, knock and flee!

Leave this message at arm’s reach.

You’re looking for



The all important preparation of notes

I must have been hell tired because at one point I called out to people, ‘Merry Christmas!’ Then I realized I was a little early so I yelled out, ‘Happy Easter!’ Then I realized I had half a carton of beer waiting to be polished off this weekend, so I changed it to, ‘Merry Easter!’ I think I’ll stick with that one from now on.

Egging doesn’t break the bank either. We egged twenty houses for princely sum of $30. Not that you have to do that many, we’re just greedy when it comes to having fun.

I can’t recommend this sort of fun enough. If you’re even half interested in giving it a go my advice is Do it! Do it! Do it!

My kids were giggling and chuckling the whole two hours in the car, plus they loved the crafty side as well. Not only that, there was a lot of fun mutterings today with the friends they egged.

And even better, (yes, there’s more) our kids were jumping out of their skin with excitement tonight because when we arrived home some lovely little bunnies (or ducks) had been over and egged our house.

There’s something I never thought I’d be able to say with a smile on my face.

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  • Love your work! We are going away for Easter this year, but it will definitely be on the list of things to do next year. A magic idea… Well done!

  • I LOVE this idea!! Glad I came across it in time for Easter this year.
    When I was growing up, we used to wake to Easter eggs on our verandah. As an adult I know now it was an elderly lady who lived alone on our street. It makes me smile to know that not only did it brighten our Easter but it surely brightened her.

    Thanks for spreading the love.

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