Making sausage with friends

My good friend Kathy, and her number one son Caleb, decided to join me for some sausage making today.

We made one kilo of Italian Sausages for each family. Kathy will cook hers up tonight whereas we’re going to save ours until an Australia Day BBQ on Wednesday.

Caleb did a sensational job of grinding fennel and peppercorns: the aroma which filled the kitchen was intoxicating. Kathy took on the drudgery job of turning the grinder while I fed the meat in.

We used Italian Sausage recipe from my very first sausage making venture – it is the BEST. You’ll find the recipe here:

Me & My Sausage – a love story

Best part of the day is the wonderful snags, but the chat that accompanies a good sausage making session comes in a close second and sure makes for a good, fun afternoon.

Thanks for your help Kathy & Caleb. We’ll have to do it again soon   🙂

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