Gearing up for Christmas

We’ve decided to update the little kids’ bikes this Christmas. Unfortunately it’s become a bit of a tradition. The reason is we’ve always bought cheap bikes from stores like BigW or Kmart and the crappy plastic things usually break inside of ten months.

This year we’re trying something different. We’ve gone to a local bike shop and spent nearly five times what we’d usually spend. For close to $800 we’ve got three bikes, one each for Miss7, Master5 and Miss3. We’re hoping we might be able to pass these ones down the line, although how Master5 will feel about a purple bike in a couple of years we’ll have to wait and see.

An interesting thing which came up when we took the kids into the bike shop for a fitting (just to give Santa some ideas) was we’d obviously been buying bikes way too small for them. Good to get some professional advice or we would have made a mistake again.

So we’ve gone for quality instead of price this year – we’ll see how it pans out come October.

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  • If little master doesn’t want a purple bike soon, Santa does know how to spray paint 😉
    We turned a red bike into a purple bike with gold lettering.

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