Free of charge

If you’ve a house full of kids, you’ve a house full of battery operated toys.

At one point, when the batteries ran out that was pretty much the end of the toy because we couldn’t afford to keep buying batteries. Especially as the kids would turn the toy on and not turn it off, meaning the batteries would die a useless death in the toy box before they were played with again.

Now we use rechargeable batteries. They cost…well, a small fortune. But they’re worth it because recharging them costs a pittance. We have around 20 AA batteries on duty here. We went and spent about $100 on the charger and extra batteries in one hit, which was rough but necessary. Ultimately, $100 would have got us about 50 good batteries, so we made that money back before each battery was recharged three times. And they’ve been recharged ten or twenty times that, so you do the math.

Only annoying expense now is when the rechargeable batteries get lost or thrown out. I do this because I throw out toys every opportunity I get – I hate tripping over toys in the kitchen.

What do you think?

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