We have a serial thumbsucker in the family and we’re in the midst of a battle to stop her. I went to high school with a young man who was still sucking his thumb at age 19 when I last saw him.

It is not a good look.

Never having been a thumbsucker I don’t understand the attraction – although I do have nail bitten back to the cuticles. However Tracey felt the sting of thumbsucking’s attraction.

Tonight Tracey put a band aide on Miss7’s thumb to prompt her to stop. If this doesn’t work I’ve suggested a straight jacket, and failing that, amputation.

Let’s hope the band-aide works  🙂


  • Any luck with stopping the thimsucking? Master1 is a thumb sucker so I’ll be looking for ways to stop him later.

    • Pleased to say Miss7 doesn’t suck her thumb anymore – however Miss2 is a keen advocate and Miss0 looks set to follow suit. One thing I will say is once the thumb stopped going in Miss8’s mouth her brain seemed to turn it up a notch. I think the thumbsucking sent her to sleep a bit.

What do you think?

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