I Start Wearing A Thong At 47


It’s it nice when after nearly fifteen years of marriage I can still make my wife laugh.

Have you ever noticed that the same sort of footwear on a male looks different on a female? To my untrained eye, a lot of what Tracey wears is nothing more than glittering flip flops.

I’ve this thing lately for fancy footwear. Comfortable, fancy footwear. My podiatrist tells me I can’t go barefoot anymore and hope to live pain free.

In the past, whenever I’ve attempted to wear flip flops I’ve ended up with the toe end on the rubber and my heal beside it, on the ground. My feet just didn’t seem to be the right shape for this particular form of footwear.

So imagine my surprise when I went in to buy a pair of Sampson Sandals and instead came home with thongs.

Imagine Tracey’s.

In fact, I like my new footwear so much I’ve bought five pairs since I discovered them in December. My first three were brown but I’ve branched out and bought two black sets now, and I’m eyeing off the blue ones because I think they’ll go nicely with the nicer elements of my wardrobe, like jeans and t-shirts.

“Do you like the black ones better than the brown ones?” I asked my wife when I arrived home with the first of my black pairs.

“No,” she answered simply.

“So you think the brown ones are nicer. I think so too. They’ll be nicer to go out in.”


“To friends’ places. BBQs and things.”


“So you think the black ones will be better to go out in? Because they go with my belt?”

“No. Honestly?” And I had the distinct impression she was trying to work out if I was taking the piss or stupid. “Do you seriously think classy comes down to the colour of your thongs?”

And she laughed. Okay, so more at me than with me but beggars can’t be choosers.

Meanwhile, I guess I’d better go online and see if they have sparkly ones, or maybe something with diamantes.

You know, like hers.

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs”


    • ‘Dumb feet’ – that is a great expression. Describes it perfectly 😀 I bought mine at Williams and BCF – $40. They’re a Crocs product. Since I’ve mentioned a brand I guess I should point out this is not a sponsored post. I just like them.

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