He Didn’t Even Look Sheepish


“We don’t need that nonsense,” said Grandad, turning off the radio in my car. “We can’t hear each other.”

Probably not a bad idea, I thought to myself, you never know what’s going to come on next and whether or not it’ll be kiddy friendly.

I took Grandad shopping today and he sat in the car with Miss3 while I ran some errands. Neither of them seemed to mind, with Miss3 keeping my old man amused by telling stories and singing.

Not that it was an entirely one way street.

When I left the car to deliver a box to the local Catholic school, Miss3 was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

When I arrived back a few minutes later, Grandad was teaching Miss3 that old classic, Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Sort of.

“Mary had a little lamb,” Miss3 was crooning as I jumped back in the car, clearly repeating what Grandad had just said. “It’s fleece was black as charcoal.”

“And every time it jumped the fence…” Grandad went on.

Because I’d heard this one before I threw myself at the dashboard, hitting the switch and letting Meghan Trainer tell us about the importance of bass in music.

My bad. The radio might be hit and miss, but Grandad never deviates from his proven formula.

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