How not to glaze a ham

Since we were having Christmas lunch at Tracey’s parents, rather than cook yet another ham I held it over until today. I haven’t glazed a ham before but I’ve been mad keen to try it. I secretly entertain visions of me in a Julia Childs style apron playing host at future Christmas feasts and effortlessly serving up mountains of perfectly cooked and presented food to the praise of an impressed table of extended family and friends.

I’ve always been needy.

I found this video really helpful, although I did use a different recipe (orange marmalade, brown sugar & dijon mustard – just mix a fair amount of each in a bowl and paint it on).

I think the woman on the video must be a dentist because she never shows us her face and I found myself being distracted wondering if she’s got a facial deformity or something. I reckon we can track her down. I notice she’s married, so that narrows the search. And she sounds like an older woman, although her hands aren’t overly crinkled. And I know that accent. Right. What have we got so far? Australian, married, middle-aged, female dentist with a hairlip. Go to work people… I want a name    🙂

As for my glazed ham – well, the deformed dentist’s looks better so I didn’t include a photo of my effort. In my defense I ran into trouble when the gas ran out and I had to finish it off using the oven grill, so mine looks like it has a strong Cajun influence. Tastes great though.

So I guess hosting the perfect family feast will have to wait a while longer. Damn, and I have just the apron too.

What do you think?

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