Winter Warmers


Temperatures are dropping around here and, the thing is, I have a love/hate relationship with winter.

I hate it when my fingers can’t hold a beer or work the remote, but I love being able to snuggle in bed.

We lack a thermometer in the house, but there are ways I can tell when it’s getting super cold. The kids wearing socks, I need to talk over the background hum of the air conditioner and the dog with a thick, white, winter coat. Then there’s always Tracey telling me to ‘make sure you put a singlet on her,’ every time I dress Miss1.

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘three dog night’. It’s apparently an old Australian bushman’s expression, referring to a night so bitterly chilly you needed to sleep amongst three dogs to keep warm.

Myself, I can’t stand dog’s breath. I’d have frozen.

We have something similar in this house, though, and it’s my least favourite telltale sign the temperatures are zeroing in: it’s how many kids are in bed with us by morning.

Last night, by way of example, it was a ‘one child night’, with Miss3 taking up a disproportionate amount of space beside her mother. I knew we were sharing the bed with someone even before I opened my eyes because Tracey was, by necessity, occupying a goodly part my space.

But my favourite telltale sign winter is upon us is my wife becoming even more amorous.

“I just can’t get warm tonight,” is the phrase I keenly listen out for once we’re hunkered down in bed.

Tracey wants to sell this house because ‘it’s so freakin’ cold‘ but for me that’s predictably become part of the appeal of this old place.

Yep, I have a love/hate relationship with winter. So long as we go to bed before the little ones start wandering about the house, it’s mostly love 😉

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