Grandma’s M&M Shortbread Biscuits


Grandma popped over to cook biscuits with the kids. The trouble with having M&M’s as a key ingredient in cooking, as you can see from the pics below, is trying to work through the thick blur of tiny hands keen on ‘helping’.

“We’re going to end up with just plain, old shortbread at this rate,” said Grandma.

As you might imagine, these are the most popular snack we’ve had in the house in some time.

You will need:

Butter, 1 cup, softened

Sugar, 1/2 cup

Vanilla essence, 1 teaspoon

Plain flour, 2 cups

Corn flour, 1/4 cup

M&M’s, 2 cups


STEP ONE:  Preheat oven to 150 degrees.

STEP TWO:  Mix butter, sugar and vanilla essence with a mixer. When thoroughly mixed, add plain flour and corn flour. Stir in M&M’s.

STEP THREE: Make balls with mixture, about an inch thick.  Place on tray lined with baking sheets.

STEP FOUR: Bake for 25 minutes.

STEP FIVE: Place on a rake for five minutes, slapping away tiny hands until cool enough to eat.

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