Something Beginning With B


“Mum?” the 6yr old son of a friend of mine asked her. “Can we play I Spy?”

I Spy is a classic kids game. There’s no fancy boards or complicated rules, you just need to know your letters. And it really can be played anywhere.

As my friend was finding out, because she was in the shower.

“Yeah, sure mate,” she said.

At this point he made a show of looking around the room.

“Hmmm…,” he said. “I spy with my little eye….” He paused. “Something beginning with….” He paused for a bit longer.


“It’s a little naughty, Mum,” he said apologetically.

“I kind of figured it would be,” my friend assured him.


I should mention at this point that when my friend posted this story to her Facebook page her friends, despite not having the advantage of being in the bathroom with her, jumped in with lots of suggestions.

Bubbles? said someone. 

I wasn’t in a bath! my friend reminded them, although maybe they thought she was shampooing her hair.

And then they went to town – Bottom. Butt. Box. Bush. Beaver. Badger. Not my words, theirs. 

Needless to say, the majority of these came from her girlfriends, not guys. A guy would have guessed it first go. Come on, ladies. When you’re showering and your hunka hunka burning love suddenly remembers a question which can’t wait two more minutes he’s not making much eye contact, is he? Where’s he looking?

Obviously, the answer to ‘what did my friend’s son’s little eyes spy?’ is boobs, although we would have accepted boobies, breasts, bust, bags, bitties, bazookas, boombaladas or any of the other slang words for boobies with the word big in front of them, like big puppies.

As my friend said, “He’s so his father’s son.”

Oh, I can assure you he’s  very much all our father’s sons 🙂 But that’s why you girls love us, right?

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”Raising a family on little more than laughs.”


  • FOLLOW UP TO THIS STORY: The following night the same boy again joined his mum in the bathroom for her shower and asked if they could play I Spy. “This is a harder one,” he told his mum. “It’s starts with T.” Oh, no. Here we go again, thought my friend and guessed Titties. “No,” said her son. “Toothbrush!” Seriously, you women have a one track mind 😉

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