Clearing The Air

Today Gympie West Primary School held a Green Day for Tracey. I love Gympie. So much.

Sometimes the best news is the last thing you’d expect.

Take today. Tracey has been waiting to be taken into theatre so they can check out her innards and, excitingly, do a skin graft from her thigh to the hole in her belly to take it from the size of a butter plate to that of a small coffee ring.

Like I say, exciting.

Every little tweak and adjustment the surgeons make in their twice weekly journey into and around my wife’s stomach is aimed at trying to deliver our Tracey back to us with an obstruction free path which runs from her mouth to splashdown.

“I’m sorry,” the lovely nurse in ICU said to us at 9pm tonight because Tracey was still waiting to see if she was going to theatre today. “I know it’s frustrating.”

That’s not exactly the word I was thinking of.

“It’s fantastic!” I assured her. “We really think it’s great.”

Only two weeks ago Tracey was consistently holding pole position for theatre and now here she is being bumped as more urgent cases show up? That’s a win, people. We’ll take it to the hope bank.

But of course this has meant Tracey needs to continue with her nil by mouth regime. As Tracey pointed out, that’s five straight weeks now and no quick end in sight.

Although this afternoon there was a hint of things improving in that area.

“Was that..?” I asked, sitting up sharply.

Tracey nodded. “Me,” she confirmed in her raspy voice.

“That’s a good sign, yes?”

“I think so,” she said.

“Have you done it before?” I wanted to know.

“All my life,” she grinned and croaked.

“I mean since you’ve been in here.”


That was what I thought.

“Excuse me!” I called out to the nurse who was helping in the cubicle next door. “Excuse me! I think you need to write this in your computer.”

And when the nurse arrived with an inquisitive expression in tow I pointed to my wife with no less pride than I presented my first born to my parents some 23 plus years ago.

“Tracey farted!” I told her excitedly.  “We thought you should know.”

Obviously something in that vastly reduced belly of hers is behaving like her normal old self. Speaking with some authority on these matters, I give it a day and I reckon the ICU nurses will be insisting she goes off to a ward.


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  • Well that aired that………….but seriously though you know it’s got to be good when you’re bumped for serious cases . Hope it all goes well for her and you guys get a smooth run . lovely of the kids school to support you all in this way too .

  • Lol. I hope she is aware you are posting this. Remember that as she is conscious now she will likely kick you in the balls for it in a few weeks time.
    Looking great Tracey!

  • I am so happy to read these posts. Tracey crosses my mind at various points in my day and I silently will her to keep fighting her way out of that hospital and home to her family. It feels so strange that I don’t know you guys. Cyber hugs to you and yours.

  • Congratulations …. on your passing of wind:) Fantastic, and no doubt fragrant, progress that us in blog land are thrilled to celebrate!!

  • Now this great. On so many levels. Your posts are feeling much the same as previous which is obviously a sign of improvement from recent times. What a round about journey you have been on. Extreme trauma and terror to getting back to the simple things. Onwards and upwards. Still thinking of you regularly and I hope Tracey gets to eat something soon.

  • Haha that is awesome. I remember not being allowed to eat after c-sections until I had farted. A very good sign 🙂

  • Good sign – and a better sign that she’s being bumped for theatre (although hopefully not too often… you want to get it done, dusted and be heading forward again!)

  • That is the happiest fart news I have ever heard. You guys are fabulous, it doesn’t surprise me that your town of Gympie is there for you. I am still the lady wanting to make sure Tracey is on the happy drugs. For me, I don’t go to theatre without 5mg Midazolam IM, and then another quick 2mg in the IV. Theatre lights then look like the nicest thing I have ever seen! Painkillers too of course! I’m sure they r probably doing a good job of that, should be heaps after skin graft I hope. Just looked back at my first sentence. God, I love the Internet. The stuff you can write to a compete stranger. xx

  • Now there’s something on the list of things I never thought I would say ‘great farting news’:)

    Good on you Gympie West Primary School.

    Tracey, you’re looking fabulous.

  • Congratulations on passing wind! Now THAT’s not something I ever thought I’d say hehehe But as Bruce sounded so proud of you like he was presenting a newborn, it kind of warrants a congratulations! ;0)

    Keeping you all in my prayers.

  • Cannot quite believe what you and your family have been through. So very excited that you are on your journey to recovery. From the Chamberlains who still talk about our fun photo shoot with you!!!!???

  • That is fantastic news!!!! I’ve been sending Tracey all of the healing thoughts I can spare (I’m currently recovering from bowel surgery).

    I’ve had numerous pelvic & bowel surgeries and that first fart is always so highly anticipated! They spend days asking me if I’ve managed to pass wind yet, and they ask hourly… like it is a burning question, always at the forefront of their minds. I often think “umm, mate… get a life!”. After that much pressure, from so many different people, when it finally happens I feel like shouting it from the rooftops!!! I’m not one for farting under pressure… I reckon if they stopped asking, and I stopped trying to force one out, it might actually occur sooner.

    I really hope Tracey is doing well.
    I’ve just had my ileostomy reversed after 18+ months with it. If you have any questions about that side of things I would be more than happy to help. I hope she manages to recover and not need a bag… but it will be okay if she does. You’ll all cope. After all that has happened, I firmly believe you can cope with anything.

    Sending love and bulk healing thoughts

  • Ah, yes. That first fart – and the first splashdown/touchdown – is something you never forget! This is such wonderful news and I’m ever so relieved for you guys. Keep on getting better, Tracey 🙂 XO

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