The Shiny New Thing Comes Home with Us


Common sense won the day here in the Devereaux household and we purchased a new Whirlpool washing machine today instead of repairing again the old one which no longer has a warranty (Kleenmaid having imploded) and seems to be breaking down with increasing regularity. Last repairs were $250 and this lot was looking around the same. Fortunately, we’re in a position where we have two machines, so when one breaks we aren’t desperate to replace it, even though it does make keeping up with the washing a little difficult.

What it did mean was we could hunt around for the right unit at the right price. Managed to have $210 dropped off the recommended retail of $1198, although we gave $95 back to them by extending the warranty out to 4 years – we always use it because 4 years with us is the equivalent to about 12 years in a normal household.

We could have bought a cheaper unit but we opted for an 8.5kg machine with a one hour regular cycle.

Fabulously, the machine came with two years of washing powder (is valued at $175 and should last us 6 months), and the guys delivered and installed the washer next to its hard working sister for an additional $35. This will save us all the anguish and stress of claiming on our insurance – I know this because the last time I fitted a washing machine it leaked and we needed the entire laundry cabinet replaced, which was $3500 of the insurance company’s money well spent. But they probably wouldn’t like to pay for it again.

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