My Big Day


We’re always keen for a dress up at work in the name of charity. Especially if it involves putting me in a dress. Not that I minded today’s theme.  After all, I have spotted a tremendous up side to all this.

This month we’re raising money for children’s hospitals through BOQ’s Banking On Our Kids, and every week we’re picking one day to look a little special. Today we themed ourselves on the movie Bridesmaids. And there’s no prize for guessing who my workmates decided should be the bride.

dress 2

But my dress did cause a few concerns with the boss. Specifically, because it showed a lot of shoulder, back and (ample) chest.

‘Sorry, Brucie,’ my boss messaged me when they found a shawl to cover my bits. ‘That will be a lot better and shouldn’t cause as much offence.’

‘I can be offensive with or without a shawl,’ I assured her.

Like when customers asked about my wedding bouquet and I’d lift my arm for them to sniff.

My wife has also had a few words to say on how I looked: shawl and all.

“It’s not very flattering,” she said, casting a critical twinkling eye over my ensemble. “It doesn’t really suit your body type.”

This was news.

“I have a body type?”

I’ve heard of these – pear and apple and the like. As none of them seem to make women especially happy I couldn’t see why I’d want one.

“Of course,” Tracey assured me.

I couldn’t help myself.

“What is it?”


I shouldn’t have bothered.

Still, it was hard to feel too down about my full figure. After all, it was my big day and I was determined, like all brides, to make the most of it.

And what I don’t think Tracey had realized at this point was this was a full service wedding and the honeymoon starts tonight 🙂

dress 3
Thank you to my attendants for the day – my BFFs – you girls were the bestest. And fyi that’s my hand in my crotch area.

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs.”


  • I thought this day would never come. If you’re in town, come on into BOQ Gympie and share my BIG day! No need for gifts, we have a wishing well set up with all money going to children’s hospitals as part of our Banking On Our Kids fundraiser for July. Also selling tickets for four (4) row 2 tickets to Broncos vs Warriors on 19th July. $5 a ticket to enter the draw (drawn cob wed 16th July). If you want a shot at it, deposit money to bsb 124047 acc 90240720 reference your name and phone number.

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