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I admit it: we’ve been spoilt.

Or maybe, after years and years (and years) of simultaneously working multiple jobs while production lining a seemingly endless output of babies we’re simply more appreciative of what we spend our ‘free’ time doing.

For example, while I do love to cook I don’t like to have to cook after working all day, especially now that I have gone and got myself a job as a walking talking political satire, essentially going from time rich to time poor in the space of five thousand votes.

Enter Woolworth’s COOK range, no fuss winter favourites which make cooking simpler by doing the hard prep work – we always have some of the COOK products in the fridge.

By way of example, we use their Woolworths COOK Beef Strips Bulgogi Style in wraps with a bag of their baby leaf salad with beetroot as something of a staple for a weekend lunch. And I know we’re not promoting those products here in this post, but they’re the facts.

What we love about this line is most of the work’s done but not all. It still feels like we’re putting a bit of effort in.

They suggested Woolworths COOK Herb Crusted Rump Cap Beef Roast and RoastWoolworths COOK Butterflied Beef South American Style, and I suggested I go grab them immediately for dinner.

“The kids can use the leftovers for lunch tomorrow,” I said to Tracey as I arrived back from the shops.

I forget we have three teenagers in the house now.

What I don’t forget is coming home exhausted and one of us having to work out what to feed everyone while the other one sat down to write his blog.

Usually by the time we had dinner on the table it was a series of showers and baths off bedtime and we’d missed out on having proper family time.

And that’s where this conveniently pre-prepped meal comes into its own.

It’s not that we can’t cut up vegetables or peel a spud.

And it’s not that we’re too lazy to do it.

It’s that we would rather spend time at the end of our day with our family and let COOK do most of the work prepping the meal.

Now if Woolies can come up with a similar time and sanity saving range for helping the preschoolers with their homework…

Then I really would feel spoilt.

This is me doing some last minute marinating while I wait for the oven to heat up.
Slaving away after a hard day’s work. And while I’m posing like a daytime soapie star (do they still have those or have I just aged myself?) these are literally the clothes I’d just come home from chatting to residents in. Because I’m all about authentic, dammit!
Me, peeling the potatoes. NEVER miss an opportunity to make the dad joke.
I’m going to pretend that’s all shirt hanging down over my belt there. You could have photoshopped me a little, Tracey.
The Woolworths COOK Herb Crusted Rump Cap Beef Roast. Some even made it to the platter, but it was touch and go there for a minute.
This Woolworths COOK Butterflied Beef South American Style took me straight back to when I judged the Smoked BBQ obsessives at Kingaroy and ended up going from eat everything on your plate to, over 2kg of protein later, nibbling tentatively at the corner of each offering and trying not to gag. And having reread that sentence I think it’s important to point out by that I mean it tastes authentic and not made me sick. Was yum, is where I was trying to get to.
The Woolworths COOK Herb Crusted Rump Cap Beef Roast at the other end of the platter was the winner with the kids. Not that there was a loser, as you’ll see two photos down.
I did try to teach my kids something of meat judging, since I am now qualified to do this sort of thing, but they took the opportunity to beat me to the best crusty bits of the Woolworths COOK Herb Crusted Rump Cap Beef Roast,
There were no losers here. Except anyone expecting leftovers for school lunch.
Our meats getting to know some of the other COOK and WW products I used to make dinner. Hours slaving over a hot stove reduced to minutes.

raising a family on little more than laughs

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  • Howdy Bruce! We tried a Cook lemony chicken stick her in the oven thing and it was delicious!!! Even the little ons ate it!

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