Flipping Hell

As you can see from each of the above shots, A) taking photos on a bike is hard, and B) I am not a very good photographer.

My little pep talk with Master6 about the importance of not slamming on his brakes in front of his slow re-flexed father made no perceptible difference to his riding style today. In fact, at one point today when he was checking his brakes I went clear over the handle bars in an effort to avoid him and ended up tangled in my bike while a couple of ancient, cragged, pot-faced, wife-left-them-cause-they’re-bad-in-bed fishermen pointed and laughed at me. Fortunately for them I’m not one to hold a grudge (and I wasn’t sure which car was theirs so I couldn’t let down their tyres).

I believe the top left shot is the mid-flip shot. Of course, the fact I was attempting to take photos of the kids while we were riding can probably be held a little responsible for my fall. A little. But the rest is all my little future Pedders employee of a son.

What do you think?

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