Benny Hilled Holiday

We were joined last night by our Excellent Friends, Karen & Luke, for dinner (Karen says my Guinness Pie and Sticky Date were better than some of the really bad meals they had in France, so that’s quite a pat on the back – I think) and some drinking of grapes and barley. Then this morning we watched Miss7 feed a dolphin before enjoying a big breakfast back at the house.

But what do you do next on an miserable morning with a storm brewing in the distance? Well, you film yourselves running around like idiots and put it to the Benny Hill theme song, obviously.


Unfortunately, Master19 won’t be joining us until the weekend, and Miss16 took the bus in to G-town to attend school today. But the other six (and a half) of us and Jazz The Dog were captured on film doing what we do best  🙂  having fun.

Our Excellent Friends & film makers extradenaire, Karen & Luke
Since we made the little video the kids have watched it no less than twenty times (I literally had to wrestle the laptop away from them to post this up). If they don’t stop playing it soon I think we may need to insist on headphones or it may ruin all my fond Benny Hill memories from my childhood.



  • As you can see in the photo, there was quite a bit of chardonnay gone from the bottle by the time I complimented Bruce on his cooking. I’m certain I said something nice but now I’ll just congratulate myself on the sophisticated, European tone of my backhanded compliments.

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