Something Old, Something New

A workmate rang me this week from down the coast and said she was sending up a bag of clothes for me to go through for our kids. It turns out a friend of hers had passed on the clothes but it would be years before her little Miss could wear them so rather than keep them in a cupboard she thought of us.

The bag arrived today via another mutual friend and work colleague (the social network at it’s best) and it was full of wow. I mean every time Tracey pulled out another skirt she would literally go, “Wow.”

We chose half a dozen items and the rest I’m taking into work for the other parents to look through. We could keep them all but there was more than enough quality Pumpkin Patch in the bag to go round.

This afternoon Tracey ducked down to Target with the skirts to match up some nice new tops and guess what? The tops were on sale for $4 each.

I loves me a bargain.

Thank you Karen for being so thoughtful x

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