Self Serve

There was just a little more to that story I posted last night (The Favourite) and I thought I might share it because it’s been making me chuckle all day.

Nanny, Tracey’s mum, was on the phone to Tracey’s sister while my wife was ferreting through her parent’s pantry, initially in search of Rolled Oats so I could make cookies, but once they were secured she was kind of just seeing what else was on offer. Suddenly Tracey was like Augustus Gloop in the chocolate room.

“I’d better go,” Nanny said into the phone to Tracey’s sister. “Tracey has her hands in the lolly jars.” She was probably wondering how Tracey found them.

Except for the contraband all the grandparents sneak in, we don’t have a lot of sweets in this house. It’s not that the kids can’t control their sweet-teeth, it’s that with their mum in the house they don’t get a chance to.

This ability to seek out sweets is probably why Tracey is a wiz with pantries. Sometimes, when her sister needs something and ‘breaks in’ to their parent’s house because she doesn’t want to go to the supermarket, Tracey will get a call.

“Where do they keep the sugar?”

“Brown or white?”


“Second shelf, behind the self-raising flour,” Tracey will direct her. “If you want some pistachios while you’re there, Mum’s started hiding them in the Milo tin on the top shelf.”

She’s a marvel, my wife. I struggle to find the coffee cups at my parent’s place.

“Don’t eat them all at once!” Nanny scowled good-naturedly at Tracey as she hung up the phone.  My wife had her hand back in the lolly jar again. “Make them last!”

“Don’t worry, I will make them last alright,” Tracey told her mum, then scoffed down a handful of Jaffas and pointed to her bottom. “I’m putting these on here and they’re going to be with me forever.”

Augustus in a wig maybe? Next time I need Rolled Oats I better go over and get them myself.

And I might check out that Milo tin while I’m there.

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