First football games of the season

Our first football day was an absolute riot. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed myself quite so much in a long time.Master5 & Miss7 played games and they couldn’t have a more opposed approach to the game.Miss7 was upset initially and ready to throw in the towel because her shirt was too big. Photo below is Miss7’s team working their way up the field. The ball is out of shot on the right.

Although Miss7 is almost dead center in the shot, you probably can’t easily spot her so I’ve zoomed in on the shot below.

I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure Miss7 knew there was a game on. She was too busy people watching – unfortunately the people she was watching were all off the field. For the majority of the game if you wanted to know where the ball was all you had to do was look in the direct opposite direction to where she was gazing.

She told us she kicked the ball once but I was there and I’m afraid it’s closer to the truth to say the ball kicked her. To prove my point, moments later she was off the field injured, complaining because it hit her in the stomach.

By contrast, Master5 was very much in the game. He even scored three goals. Unfortunately we need to chat to him about being a poor winner as he spent much of the game making sure the opposing team knew the score (ended up 11 ot 1). He even stopped the game at one point to inform the ref that his team had 10 goals.

The photo below is of Master5, center shot, in a martial arts stance, ready for kick off. I asked him later what he was doing and he explained he was getting ready to kill the enemy.

It’s going to be a fun season  🙂


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