Today, we ride!

Here I am doing my best to nobble the advances of loose women. Status update – 100% successful.

“You’re mad,” Tracey hissed at me from her side of the bed this morning as I swapped my warm, comfortable bed for a pair of sneakers and a bike helmet. “We get one morning to sleep in a week and you’re up at sparrow’s to ride your bike.”

“I know!” I whispered at her, although I’m not sure why – she was already awake. “Isn’t it great?”

“Yep. Great,” she said, and rolled away from me. “Well, don’t wake any of the kids or I’ll kill you.”

It was too late. They were already awake.

“You kids can read books and play games, but do it quietly,” I told them. “My life depends on it.”

Having sorted things out on the domestic front I stepped outside. Ten seconds later I was back in our bedroom.

“What are you doing, deadman?” Tracey asked me.

“It’s cold out there,” I whispered as I ferreted in my drawers. “Go back to sleep.”

She sighed. “I’m trying to.”

Ten minutes later I arrived at my mates place ready to begin the day’s ride.

He took one look at me and said, “Don’t move.” before ducking back inside and grabbing his camera, all the while giggling like a schoolgirl. Apparently, I cut quite the fashion statement in my homeless man’s gloves and knitted headgear, with tassles , sticking out from under my bike helmet. That might explain why so many of the sunrise walkers out this morning were being so smiley at me. I looked a bit Heidi.

When I finally arrived home, all sweaty and buff, Tracey was (finally) up and the kids greeted me at the door with requests to take them for a ride too.

Now the kids are a bit older I feel more comfortable taking them for bike rides around G-town. Every week we’ve been extending our ride a little further and having the best fun – usually at dad’s expense when they run me into an overhanging tree or brake suddenly to tell me their brakes are working.

The last few weeks have seen us instigate a Three Amigo’s inspired salute and cries of ‘Mount up’ before we take to the roads. Okay, it was mainly me doing all the initial instigating, because I’m a dag, but the kids have picked it up and run with it like A-Grade wingers. They love it! Tracey decided today, possibly because I interrupted her sleep this morning, we should record it for prosperity.

My tassled beanie has been annoying Tracey for years. It’s partly why I love winter. He’s a post about it from May 2012 – SNOW JOB.

Tracey doesn’t like my tassled hat. Maybe she’d prefer I got one like this 🙂

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