Snip Snip That’s It

Well, it’s done. My dangleberries are good for nothing but ballast now.

The whole thing went well, although it was a little more painful than I’d been lead to believe. It seems my body doesn’t react so well to the anesthetic they injected because it took three (I repeat THREE!) needles EACH SIDE.

Tracey’s a pillar of support, of course. She’s taken to calling me Numbnuts. Meanwhile my so-called friends have been filling my Facebook with Youtube songs about visectomies and testies in general. Buggers. It’s been a riot.

I was a bit apprehensive before the slicing and dicing began and waiting in the room at my local doctor’s rooms didn’t help to relax me much. I’m lying on the slab with just a shirt on and there’s a knock. Suddenly I realize the door is down near my feet and if anyone is walking up the hall when the doctor or nurse opens the door they’re going to wish they were born blind.

in want of a bullet, this is my well bitten book

The procedure didn’t quite go as I thought it might, but then I think my expectations were a little high. I took a book. I’d been told to expect a bit of discomfort when they tugged on the tube and it nearly discomforted me threw the roof. Instead of reading my book I ended up biting on it the whole time. 

On an unrelated matter, up until Thursday I couldn’t think of any real benefit to living in a big city as opposed to a small town. But then, as the nurse handed scalpels and needles to the doctor, she started asking me how Master19 was enjoying Brisvegas, what grade is Miss16 in now, how she remembers when Tracey first came in with Miss7, is Miss1’s allergies going well, and the doctor said he’ll see me at football on Saturday and was asking questions about things at my work since the flood. 
In a big city the two people prodding and snipping at my nads wouldn’t know me from a bar of soap. I may struggle to look these two people in the eye again. Although, to be fair, they may have more trouble looking at me.
So all is good. Even the stitching is nice – he could get a job as a seamstress. 
Only spanner in the works was at my follow up appointment today – seems there’s a chance I have two tubes on my left side, so I may need to have the whole thing done again.
Or maybe we’ll just take our chances.

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