Fathers Day Giveaway – Licorice Box

Dad's Licorice Box

My dad loves licorice. Fathers Day is a guaranteed licorice and a couple of Phantom comics from us. This year he’ll be thrilled to bits with his licorice box I might even forego the comics.

The lovely people at Fyna have asked me to give away three of these fantastic licorice boxes.

Choc-full of dad’s favourites, the pack contains 11 packets of goodies including:

 1 x Licorice Logs

2 x Strawberry Bullets

1 x Licorice Bullets

1 x Ballantyne Almonds

1 x 1 metre of Licorice

2 x Licorice Fruit Bites

2 x Licorice Chunks

1 x Ballantyne Nut & Fruit Mix

Dad’s Licorice Boxes by Fyna are exclusive to Target stores and RRP $20, so you can tell the old man you love him without breaking the bank.

Also, my dad’s licorice box is already short one bag of licorice bullets, so maybe I’ll throw a Phantom comic in after all 😉

If you want a chance to win your dad his Fathers Day gift this year, just tell me in the comments below in 25 words or less why your dad is the greatest. Winners will be judged on creativity and humour 🙂

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Congratulations to our three winners – Lara D, Helen W and Gayle R.

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs.”


  • Because he is always there, he may laugh at you when you want to cry but he always offers the love support & incouragement you need. He is loving, strong, loyal, funny, brave.

  • My Dad is the greatest because he told me “The stupider you look, the longer you get to stand in the shade”. He’s right!

  • My family


    All heart

    Loving husband, father and grandfather
    Energetic Grandfather
    X-tra special

  • I love that my Dad is VERY opinionated, but he always says dont believe what I say, go and find out for yourself. That’s special.

  • Dad has always been there for us and stands by our side whether we are right or wrong helping to guide to us reach the correct decision

  • My dad raised me right, tough but fair. But with the grand-kids he’s soft as air! Let’s them do what they want to do and not afraid of vomit or poo!!

  • We didn’t have much growing up, but we never “wanted” for anything. I hope my kids feel like this when they grow-up. Oh and he loves licorice and sharing!

  • He taught me life’s important things – to keep away from wicked women, not to drink, swear, gamble or smoke – couldn’t get a ‘fyna’ bloke!

  • My Dad always answers the phone in a high pitched, foreign voice and pretends they’ve rung the wrong number.
    Cracks me up every time.

  • F-arting machine!
    A-lways right- well he thinks so
    T-ight with money
    H-ilarious when drunk
    E-ntertaining with music talents
    R-ad dad, love him to bits!

  • Sadly I don’t have my dad with me anymore but he loved liquorice of any kind and this will bring happy memories

  • He’s a real man, not a wuss. He can do it all and so much more, from saving me from spiders to fixing my car when it breaks down, and every other little thing in between. He’s the best, he really is.

  • This is perfect for my dad who’s sweet as licorice, tough as bullets, nutty as almonds and sleeps like a log. There’s no FYNA dad!

  • My Dad was one of the most self-less people I have ever known. His life was difficult, his trials many.
    He tells me how proud and happy I make him feel, then in the next breathe, here , pull my finger!! ha ha. Hes my strength and best cuddler ever!!

  • My Dad has taught me how to build things, I have helped him build about six fences, I love working and apending time with him.

  • No other person makes me feel like me! Dad is my protector, helper, listener, guidance. Happy fathers day dad! love you 😀

  • He’s in his mid-70’s and is colour-blind, yet he completes 1500+ piece jigsaw puzzles! He is such an inspiration!

  • My father’s name is Max
    His outlandish opinions are sent to tax
    He rants and he raves
    But we love him that’s fact

  • My Dad may look like a Licorice Log watching TV but he’s the greatest because he’s taught me to think outside the Fyna box!

  • The three most essential things in a mans life,
    Is beer, the racing channel and don’t forget the wife!
    My dad is a typically male it’s true,
    But daddy you’re the best and I love you.

  • Being a step dad, my partner spends 99.9% of his time with the kids. Picking them up from school, taking them to sport and spending time with them. He really deserves all the respect and love as he adores them. He is amazing.

  • Dad taught me to help around the home, it is as much a man’s responsibility to clean, cook and raise kids as much as a woman’s

  • Repeats stories, muddles our names,
    Yells at the TV during football games…
    Farts incessantly, drives us mad…
    But we love him cos he’s OUR Dad!

  • He can translate mums conversations.
    Remember that thing we brought from that shop a few months ago? – yep my dad somehow always knows.

  • Because even though he isn’t my biological dad, he has always made me feel accepted and loved. He’s my hero 🙂

  • He taught me how to sneak lollies, chocolate, chips, and other snacks when Mum wasn’t looking! Liquorice is his favourite!

  • Even when we are in opposition, particularly cricket (hes a pom) and one side is not speaking to the otherside, he still will make a “truce” gesture by making dinner.

  • F for Father
    A for Always there
    T for Trusting
    H for Hairy back
    E for Endless commitment
    R for Rescuing me when needed!

  • My dad is the greatest because despite the fact that I can’t tell a try from a penalty, he shares the coveted couch space with me during the footy – and even offers some snacks too!

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