A little Big Family Reunion

My brood. Six reasons to be enthusiastic about  the approaching of baby number seven.
My brood. Six reasons to be enthusiastic about
the approaching of baby number seven.

It’s always a big deal when Master19 is coming home for a visit.

The kidlettes were up at sparrows, excited their big brother would be coming home for them to jump on. He’s one of their favourite toys.

Cause we were all up we put everyone to work in the garden. Kids were a little upset we were destroying all the beautiful yellow flowers growing in our grass, but Mummy insisted they had to go.

Unfortunately Master19 was running a little behind in his endeavours to be home by midday. He gets this from me – my mother thinks it’s hilarious when I complain about his lack of punctuality and then brings up countless stories of cold or burnt roasts I’ve apparently been responsible for over the years. We thought things might not be going according to plan when we rang him at 9.30 and woke him up. There was no ‘ohmygodIhavetogetup’ in his voice though: it was more ‘as soon as I hang up I’m rolling back over’.

Mid-afternoon we received a message he was still a little way off.

“Thats okay,” I messaged him back. “Just remember the kids go to bed around 7.30 so it would be nice to have had lunch by then.”
The kids were driving us nuts, asking us every half hour if their brother was nearly here yet. They needed a distraction so eventually we gave up hanging around the house and took the kidlettes to the pool for a splash around.

We haven’t been to the pool in a dog’s age and it was a huge hit with all involved. Cost us $9 in entrance fees and was just what we needed, cause nothing distracts you more than your youngest attempting to drown herself. Miss1 went under five times while I followed her around the wading pool. Each time I gave her a few seconds to right herself, but no luck yet. One hour in a wading pool and I’m already a huge fan of pool fences.

After cooling off we cooked a sausage sizzle in the park. Poor Master19 probably expected something a little more highbrow to eat but as I explained to him, lunch was delicious. Then we went home & crashed on the lounge, eating yummy cheese & meat platters and watch Cars2.
Uni is apparently going well and he’s off to Perth in a couple of weeks to visit his mum before coming back to start work for the holidays at Australia Post sorting the huge mountains of Christmas mail.

This morning we ate a big breakfast while Grandma and Grandad came over to give him a hug and then I made Chicken, Pumpkin & Asparagus Risotto for lunch. He seemed much happier with these offerings than yesterday’s sausages and has made a request for my Chicken & Corn Crepes on his next visit. I’ve requested he be on time. Maybe I’ll make Chicken & Corn Crepes for lunch and see if that spurs him on.

Miss3 attached herself to her big brother and
wouldn’t let go – she eventually feel asleep on him

With a planned departure time of 1pm Master19 and his mates set off from here promptly at 2 (with one more late stop scheduled before they planned to be heading out of town). It’s 6pm now and I’m guessing they’re about two kilometers down the road and just about ready to hit the highway.

Great to catch up with son number one. 

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