Extra man

This week all three football games were on at the same time! At first I was beside myself worrying about getting around to everyone. Then it occurred to me I’d be home an hour earlier 😀
A couple of highlights this week. Firstly, Miss7 got involved with the ball while defending the goal. She actually chased it and kicked it while jostling amongst players. A BIG step forward. Secondly, Master6 scored a standout goal!!!

Yes, indeed. The coach substituted him off but after taking a swig of water someone kicked the ball down the field to near where we were standing. “Awesome!” shouted Master6, racing back onto the field and kicking the ball into the unmanned goal.

Thankfully we’ve a great group of parents here in G-town and everyone just laughed and clapped and the game went on.

What is really striking me about football at the moment is there are no ongoing fees and charges: we’ve paid our sign up fee and bought the shoes and now we take the kids along twice a week, essentially for free.

A couple of tight weeks early on have meant our kids have a run around and social stimulation for most of the year.  Plus I get to eat a hotdog every Saturday for morning tea  🙂


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 ’raising a family on little more than laughs’

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