Sunday Fun

Kids played football on the balcony.

Tracey went off to work today so I settled in to look after the kids (read as ‘find a spot on the lounge to sleep on’).

When Tracey’s sister and fiancée dropped in I offered to look after their kids so a sleep was sadly out of the question. All worth it though because the kids had a ball playing with Cousin4 and Cousin7.

So I focused on the laundry and making a couple of cakes – apple tea cake and cherry cake today.

After Tracey came home, Jason & Belinda popped back and we sat on the balcony eating dinner – I made a chicken cashew curry and Belinda brought over a beef stew – and drinking beer. There may have been white wine involved as well.

Jason & Dumb-Bell (she’ll kill me for that one).

Belinda made me laugh today. As she was looking at working out some details for Tracey’s photography business she asked, “How many hours in a day?” She was actually meaning to ask how many hours in the day is Tracey available for. Poor thing won’t be living that one down any time soon.

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday evening: catching up with family.

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