Peace Off

“Oh, isn’t that nice of them,” said Tracey when a couple let her in. She was driving to a photoshoot with Miss9.

“What happened?” asked Miss9.

“Those people in that car let me pull out in front of them so I didn’t have to wait forever,” Tracey explained.

“That’s really nice,” agreed Miss9.

She was so impressed that when they pulled up at the next set of lights and Miss9 found the nice people next to her she decided to wave at them. But waves are so yesterday, aren’t they? Instead, she thought she’d mouth thank you and give them the peace sign.

“What are you doing?” Tracey asked her.

“Giving them the peace sign,” said Miss9.

“Show me how you’re doing that?” Tracey asked, a little anxiously.

Yep, that wasn’t the peace sign.

“Sweetie,” began Tracey, “if your fingers are this was you’re giving the peace sign. But if you’re fingers are this way you’re telling them to get stuffed.”

“Oh, no!” moaned Miss9, throwing her face into her hands and folding over until he head was on her knees.

“It’s alright,” she told our daughter. “I just waved at them and the proper peace sign and they’re laughing.”

But still there was no change to our daughters folded state.


“Mum!” came a muffled voice from the passenger seat. “I can’t stay like this forever. Can you just drive!”

When they were a little way down the road and Miss9 had returned to sitting upright, Tracey could tell our daughter was still really upset.

“You don’t understand,” said Miss9. “That’s how I’ve been doing the peace sign for ages!”

Later, between chuckles and chortles, Tracey explained the incident to me and I rather cleverly came up with an alternative ‘cool’ hand signal for my big, little girl.

“How about we tell her to just give people the thumbs up?” I told Tracey.

But Tracey wasn’t so sure.

“You wanna be careful there, Fonzie,” advised my wife. “She might get confused about which finger to stick out.”

Even worse, I might be driving.

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