How To Make a Monster

Between the church service and the wake Tracey took the kids to the How To Make a Monster exhibit in Ipswich while Master19, Miss16 and I attended the burial.

Free exhibits like this are a great way to add interest to an otherwise drab day, and while I don’t want to rain on the parade of the whole ‘taking the kids to McDonalds’ concept, this exhibit idea beats it hand over fist.

The kids had a great time and it served as a nice way to divert their attention and take their mind off things. An awesome exhibit and not as scary as you might think – although Miss3 didn’t think much of the ape from George of the Jungle. Because it’s hands on, with the kids able to press buttons and pull levers to make things move, they loved it.  How to Make a Monster 
After a frantic day learning to ti dye, we took out the coveted ‘Best use of the colour purple’ award for CJ’s funeral (his favourite colour).

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