Ella’s Kitchen 100% Organic Baby Food Review

On the left is a photo of the prize. On the right is where our week started.

I’d love to be able to say we spent the week trying the different flavours of the Ella’s Kitchen selection, but unfortunately we didn’t get that far.

“AAAAaaaaaahhh!” came a yell from the highchair. We’d tied Miss1 in and given her the first pouch we pulled from the sample box the nice people from Ella’s Kitchen had sent us – Carrots, Apples & Parsnips.

‘Uh-oh,’ I thought. ‘She hates them. How am I going to explain this?’

But this wasn’t the problem.

“AAAAAHHH!!” she screamed louder now she had eye contact with me. She tossed the empty pouch onto the bin (floor) and pointed at the box on the fridge.

The problem was she’d finished her first pouch and was demanding more. Now!

This was a little surprising to us because, although she isn’t a bad eater, she usually just goes with the flow and doesn’t have a go at our sloppy service.

I don’t know why Miss1 liked Ella’s Kitchen pouches so much – whether the organic food is tastier or the different mixes of food are especially appealing to a one year old’s palate, but she devoured our supply of samples within three days and we had to go buy more. Miss3 loved them too, but didn’t manage as many as Miss1 this week because the baby screams louder.

We’re big on our kids eating what we eat, and we’ve quickly assimilated each of our babies into joining us for a meal of meat and three veg, or basic pasta. That being said, there are times when they can’t have what we’re having, like when a meal is a little spicy. But the biggest advantage for these pouches is when we’re out for the day. Miss1 can suck on a pouch in the car or at the shops. And really, the only time she’s made a mess so far is when I went all hands-on-dad on her and tried to help her but just ended up squirting the contents of the pouch all over her clothes and my shoes. Left to her own devices she just sucks the hell out of the pouch until it’s empty then demands another.

There’s a fantastic range of organic pouches available in Coles supermarkets, for kids from 4 months to preschoolers.

What I especially love about the Ella’s Kitchen ranges is they’re created not just to be healthy, but to be tasty. After all, kids don’t care if it’s good for them (that’s our job), they only care if it tastes good. You can sit a child down in front of the healthiest, most nutritious meal, but if it doesn’t taste good all they’re going to do is use it to redecorate your kitchen.

We’ve joined forces with Ella’s Kitchen this week to promote healthy eating and giveaway a $50 gift basket, which includes 15 pouches from across the range, an Ella’s Kitchen bib and a limited edition upcycled Ella’s Kitchen lunch bag. Entry is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Good luck! And healthy eating.

This competition has been drawn. Congratulations to M Boyce.


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  • My 1 yr old loves those pouch things. They have only recently ( last couple of kids in my world) had these pouch things in existence and they are great for a treat in the car on the way to the shops or if I am out in town all day. So I guess I’d like to win these pouches because I have suffered the great misfortune of only having the ability to use these miracles of baby food creation with three of my seven kids. Need I say more? No, I don’t think so! 😉

  • Well my tiny man has already tried them, but I wouldn’t knock the chance to win the pack, because he loves those ones. Even, would you believe, 2 very interesting-smelling pouches with broccoli and spinach on the labels… Not a drop was left of either! He puts the older 2 siblings to shame! Not that that’s hard to do…
    Anyway, keep up the good work Bruce, love what you do!

  • Worth a shot! Anything to get Miss ‘takes after her father, bloody fussy eater’ to eat her vegetables 😉

  • Any excuse to get more veg into my bubba!! And I’ve got to say that the organic bit is fantastic- only the best for the bub!! Lol 😉

  • I would love to try Ella’s organic pouches with my little miss… Give her a really healthy alternative snack for when we are out and about. It will give me peace of mind also and I know it will be great for her and I am sure she would love them as much as Miss1 does.

  • For my 13 month old daughter!! They all sound delicious enough for me to eat 😉 Thank you! Monique x

  • My 7 month old son’s tried The Green One and LOVED it! Gobbled it down in seconds, so would love to try more of the range.
    I try to make a lot of my son’s food, but being busy with work, chores, my daughter etc sometimes that’s just not practical. So I love the convenience of Ella’s and that fact that the range doesn’t have any hidden nasty stuff, just healthy yummy goodness. So there’s no need for me to feel guilty about feeding them to my son. And as the tastes are so interesting, it’s actually beneficial, as it’ll broaden the tastes my son’s introduced to from an early age. Win-win!

  • My little one loves the pouches and trying all the different flavours – we can never get enough of them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack!

  • With Mr 4 months just starting with food these pouches are fantastic! Would LOVE to win this pack!!!
    And I adore this blog!! Only one I read consistently! You are awesome!!!! Thanks for the good read!

  • Would love to win these pouches, they look fantastic 🙂
    Love your blog Bruce I often read them out to my husband and we have a big laugh. Thanks

  • Thanks for the kind comments about my blog, guys. So pleased people can laugh ‘with’ us. Nice change to ‘at’ us. You are laughing ‘with’ us, aren’t you? 😉

  • I homecook all of my bubbas food but love the convenience of pouch food for when we go out, but Ella’s kitchen is the only brand we havent tried yet. He hates just about all of the other brands out there. Would love to try some.

  • Healthy food in great convenient packaging. Would love to win this prize to try the products – great feedback from other blog posters.

  • I agree with Bruce on this one – having food pouches for when you are on the go, and need something for your little one to eat is so handy. Organic food is great too. So for those reasons I would love to try them.

  • I’d love to try these not only because I’ve read so many good things about them and they’re convenient but also because I’ll do ANYTHING to get my fussy little eaters (especially my daughter who is not so much fussy as just doesn’t feel like eating!) to have something!!

  • We’ve tried these pouches before but I’d like to try them again, I never let the toddler go “free range” on them before. We always emptied it into a bowl. (which kind of defeats the whole pouch thing I guess!)

  • My little man (10months) absolutely loves Ella’s kitchen pouches because he is an independent little soul already and mummy loves them as they are so convienent while I’m running between school, kinder, ballet and hockey drop off and pickups for his older siblings he can still enjoy yummy organic fruits and veg on the go 🙂

    • I would live to try Ella’s kitchen pouches with my little fussy eater, especially out and about.

  • these are so handy for when you are stuck somewhere and have nothing to feed the screaming toddler!!

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