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In conjunction with the Finlee and Me website, we’re giving away two beautiful products this week – one of their Personalised Kids Night Lights (valued at $139.95) and a beautiful Tree of Life Locket Personalised Jewelry (valued at $89.95).

They sent me one of each of these products to check out before the giveaway and I chose to give the night light for Master8 and the necklace for Tracey’s mum.

I’ve got to say, firstly, this night light is so much better than even I was expecting. As good as they look on the Finlee and Me website, it doesn’t do them justice. The pictures above don’t do them justice. They’re awesome.

I suspected there might be more to the night light when we were unpacking it and I pulled a little remote control out of the box. Remote controls are always fun. That’s the law.

By pressing a button it changed the colour lighting up Master8’s name. In fact, there’s a series of buttons on the remote, some even allowing you to have the light scroll through the colours at anything from a slow dance pace to something more fit inducing.

“That’s so cool!” said Master8 when he saw it.

“I know!” I agreed, refusing to give over the control until Tracey told me to stop hogging it.

To give you an idea just how super cool the night light is, Master8 and his sisters all sat in front of it and, instead of watching telly,pressed buttons until bedtime. They were hypnotized by the pretty colours.

By all accounts, the light is a winner.

I turned my attention to the pendant.

Fitting all Nanny’s grandchildren’s names on the disc would have required something the size of a dinner plate and I’m not sure ‘American rapper’ is quite the look Nanny goes for in her ‘bling’. Instead I chose to have the pendant engraved with the names of her husband and two daughters, my wife and her sister, Belinda.

“So she can remember your names,” I explained to my wife. Because parents always seem to struggle to remember much about you once grandchildren enter the picture, don’t you find?

“I’m right here,” I’ll say to my mum as she rushes past me to collect her hugs and kisses from our kids.

“Sorry, Sha… ah…Geoffre…ah…Bruce,” she’ll say, calling me by most of the other male names in the family before hitting, by means of elimination, on mine. I don’t mind that so much. It’s when she throws my sister’s name into the mix I get a bit funny.

Both the light and the pendant were winners, and now it’s your chance to be a winner. To win both one of the Personalised Kids Night Lights (valued at $139.95) and a beautiful piece of Personalised Jewelry (valued at $89.95), click over and enter the competition. You must like both Big Family Little Income and Finlee & Me’s Facebook pages to enter and in the comments section below write your answer to the question Who would you most like to discover in your family tree? Entries will be judged on creativity and/or humour.

The prizes we’re giving away are just two of a fantastic range on offer over at Finlee and Me. They also have a great selection of unique baby products and educational toys. Check them out 🙂

Who would you most like to discover in your family tree?


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“Raising a family on little more than laughs.”


  • I would like to discover someone really inspirational on my family tree like Helen Keller or Anne Frank. Or Princess Mary. Sheesh its a tough question, I might need to think more.
    Awesome giveaway though!

  • I would like to discover myself.. God knows the rest of my family are nutters so I need to know if I fit the bill aswell 😛

  • I would like to discover myself! My family are all nutters who enjoy a glass (bottle) of wine and need to know if I fit the bill aswell 😛

  • I would like to find out if there is any truth to the family rumor that an ancestor left Prussia in a hurry due to overly friendly relations with a royal personage. It’s an amusing story dragged out at various family gatherings

  • Given the fact that my Grandmother has already discovered our descendants arrived on the convict boat, I’d say any other discovery would be good 🙂

  • My Dad has like a, eighth of Indian in him and he likes to say it is royal blood, I would love to know the truth!

  • Apparently my dad’s side is from the Black Forest (think Dark Fairy Tales), so I want a wicked witch somewhere under the cherries and chocolate!

  • I would love to discover how far back my line goes on my mums side, my Nanna once wrote a book about my dads.

  • I suspect I have L M Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables) in my distant family tree. I hope this is really the case.

  • I’ve a lot of people missing from my family tree. I don’t care about celebrity relatives, I’d just like to know where I come from.

  • The reason why my youngest daughter is afraid of cold water! So strange but if I could find out who maybe drowned or something terrible like that. Those things are interesting to me! We all have ancestor pasts buried in our bones 🙂

  • I’d like to discover more about my fathers side of the family, he was adopted in 1957 and there were only closed adoptions. His birth mother has chosen not to make contact and I can’t receive any info about medical history. I’d really like to know if there is any history of cancer, diabetes, etc. It makes it really hard when the doctor asks you about your family medical history and you don’t have any answers…

  • I would like to know from which ancestor i have got my good looks and brains -there must be someone among the ancestors as no one from my immediate family looks or thinks the way i do.

  • Well… I always thought I was a princess, so it would be exciting to find royalty, like the queen 🙂

  • My brother’s fiance, but as a close branch on the tree so they couldn’t get married! Be nice to rid our family of the misery she causes for all and sundry.

  • I would like to find my grandmother. Its a mystery to this day. She ran off with a barman and was never seen again!

  • I’d like to find out the truth if my ancestors are really related to the royal family, apparently a princess ran off with one of my ancestors!

  • I’d love to find where my family all originated from. I know one Nan had French parents and that’s it. People always ask if I’m from spanish descent, it would be interesting to know.

  • We’re from convicts, so I’d love to discover what their crimes were – murder, treason, or so hungry that they stole a loaf of bread?

  • I would love to go back & find the first “nurse” in our family tree & get her to change her ‘profession/calling’ so that it didn’t become the genetic disease that it has become in our family!!!!!

  • I’d love to discover more about my grandpa who told me he transported lions for the local zoo. How brave he was!

  • I would like to find out who my father in laws father is. A name is all we want, but has never been given. 🙁

  • I think I would like to discover the Queen of Sheba in my family tree. Then when people say “Who do you think you are, the Queen of Sheba?” I can reply… “Well actually I am her GG Grand daughter so I am the Princess of Sheba!”

  • We have recently discovered Mitchell Johnson is in our family tree! My desert island fantasies are just not the same anymore 🙁

  • My family tree is graced with the presence of Wills (of explorer Burke and Wills fame), on my Grandfather’s side. My Grandfather is a cinematographer, who worked in many countries, and although he is in the ACS Hall of Fame now, and has done a lot for the film industry in Australia, he never really got very famous. Sometimes he would tell of his travels and adventures. My favourite story begins: “When I was in the desert with Lady Anne Belfour-Fraser…..” at which point I burst out laughing because it sounds so awesome and Lawrence of Arabia-ish. Although I really still don’t know who she is or what she was doing in the desert, I would like Lady Anne Belfour-Fraser up my family tree.

  • I’d like to discover who my Grandfather was. Everyone used to ask what nationality I was (must be because of the bushy eyebrows) I used to always say Australian not knowing until recently my grandfather was Romanian!

  • I would love to learn more about my Grandad’s brother who was born with Dwarfism, and see if there are any relatives further back whom also were.

  • It would be amazing to find Elvis in my family tree loved him all my life so inspirational a great singer and a tradgic end to a beautiful life

  • I would like to find out that Adam Sandler was in my descendants, he’s funny and rich and family get togethers would be flippin fun!

  • A convict. We have a marine who came over in the 1800’s, but no-one talks about him, much rather have a convict, it’s more distinguished!

  • Maybe someone that had a real talent! Our family is such a mixed bag. It would be nice to know where some of these gifts and quirks came from!!

  • I already found mine and it was King William the conqueror, he was my great great great great etc grandfather

  • My grandmother and grandfather. There is a family secret on my dad’s side of the family. There’s no photos, birth certcertifics etc. My fathers dad is a mystery. My grandmother apparently died during labour. But I later found out they put her in a mental home. My grandfather may have been a one night stand or still alive too.

  • I would like to discover how many nationalities are in my blood line, we know my son has about 10 different nationalities in him it would be interesting discovering more

  • I’ve recently had my family tree researched and was surprised to discover one of my descendants was the inventor of the Flying Shuttle, a key contribution to the Industrial Revolution in the 1700’s! However, mill workers, in fear of losing their jobs, attacked the poor man. Other mill owners took the invention refusing to pay Royalties and fighting it in courts cost him the family fortune leading to him fleeing to France a broken man!!
    Now THAT is typical of my family, work hard and get nowhere lol!!

  • Being from england i would love to find ive got royalty in my family. With my maiden name i was told once that a family member was the reason ann bolin was beheaded not sure of that though.

  • My family tree, as long as the people are honest and caring there’s nothing more I can ask for.

  • I would love to know more about my dad’s side of the family, my mums bloodline is very interesting so I’m curious about my dads.

  • I’d love to discover J.K. Rowling in my family tree. She’s my hero, and inspires me to write.

  • I’d like to find someone who has a spare castle they have left to me, a nice sparkly Disney like castle. Of course I’d probably settle for Shrek leaving me his shack int he swamp most days too, so long as it’s quiet!

  • What a difficult question! I think I would love to discover that someone in my family stood up for what was right. Maybe someone who fought against apartheid (I’m South African), or even further back to someone who fought against slavery 🙂

  • or quite possibly I’d like to find a mathematician in my family tree, one that could teach me to count to 25!

What do you think?

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