Ten Random Things About Me

For a little bit of fun tonight to keep my hands busy while I watch Groundhog Day (yet again) I thought I’d take a leaf out of a post I saw on Danimezza‘s blog and write down some random bits you might not know about me.

ONE.  I have fashion dysfunctions all the time. Inevitably I end up wearing jeans to the beach – usually because I haven’t planned on going to the beach when I set off. Tracey gets upset with me because I wear my oldest shirts to weddings but my nicest clothes painting the fence. It makes sense to me. My oldest shirts are my oldest shirts because they’re comfortable, whereas I paint in clothes I don’t care if I splash paint on. Also, I can’t wear boxers. Not even to bed. They are wrong and scrunch in all the worst places.

TWO. I love Neil Diamond songs. He’s not my favourite or anything, but just liking him at all feels super daggy. Also, the Carpenters.

THREE. I never thought I’d get married. I wanted to. I wanted a family. I dreamed about a big family. But I never thought I’d find that perfect someone for me. My first wife proved me right, of course, but to this day I am absolutely stunned Tracey finds me in any way attractive. And sometimes, when she gives me that special look, I can see it baffles the hell out of her as well.

FOUR. I love food. I love cooking food and I love sharing food and I love eating food. Work is good because it gives me a break from eating during the day. Dinner, on the other hand, is merely a starting point for the evenings chompfest. So these days I try to snack on fruit. The more I eat the apples, oranges, grapes and mandarins the quicker and more violently my body processes it. It keeps me in check.

FIVE. I hated mowing until I got wireless headphones. I am a huge advocate of Mary Poppins spoonful of sugar philosophy. Now I’m constantly checking to see if the grass is long enough to warrant staring the mower. There’s still nothing fun about whipper snipping though.

SIX. I send off emails to politicians at least once a month, be they local, state or federal. I have never considered myself political, but I’m starting to believe I’m kidding myself. Or maybe I’m just opinionated. At parties and work I was always happy to discuss current affairs and give my views on things, but I found the six degrees of separation wasn’t working in my favour and nothing I saw as important seemed to be changing. These days I try to be the squeaky wheel.

SEVEN. Babies bore me. They do nothing. They’re cute, sure, but where’s the interaction. I change nappies and bottle feed and do all that, but inside I’m just wishing they’d hurry up and grab my nose.

EIGHT. I have no rhythm. None. Which might explain at least a couple of our kids. It would certainly explain why I never picked up in a nightclub.

NINE. When I lost sight in my one good eye they told me I’d had a stroke. It ended up being a migraine  but for an hour I sat on a bed in the local emergency thinking about what this was going to mean for me. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write, I couldn’t watch Big Bang or QI or Grand Designs. I couldn’t sing Karaoke. It took me only a minute or two to realize all the good things I love about my life were essentially over. Despite all this I was chuckling to myself about how amusing it was I suddenly couldn’t see. I surprised myself because it turned out I took it much better than I would have thought. It made me realize how resilient I am. No, wait, stupid. That’s right, it helped me realize how stupid I am.

TEN. Despite my above mentioned fashion dysfunction, I love shopping for clothes. I’m not knowledgeable about fashion or good with colours, I just like bargains. I’m worse than Tracey, mainly because she will try on a dozen items to find one she likes, and then, after she’s been around the entire shop, will decide she doesn’t need it. I will want to buy everything I touched and liked. Which is why I love going to the DFO. It’s also why we only go once a year. I discovered this particular affliction in Thailand on our honeymoon. We took one change of clothes each and came home with 80kg, mostly made up of my new t-shirts.


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  • I usually tune in to my Pandora radio station. I should see if I can set up a comedy channel 🙂 great idea Tara 🙂

  • 3 time stroke survivor … legally blind let me tell you when you have had a store you know! and at that time even Big Bang Theory is not a major concern. However, I LOVE Big Bang and my job and ok giving up the drivers license and learning to listen to my body was difficult but I have so many things to be greatfull for. And yes I get that your comment re the loss of sight in one eye was not at all disrespectfull, I just wanted to say I get it and really its not all that bad (other than no longer beling aloud to drive a car).

    • Thing is I’m legally blind in the other eye, so it was looking bleak. Pleased to hear though that things have worked out for you Jerosha 🙂

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