Bulk buying our fruit snacks

We have devoured four boxes of mandarins in three weeks…and I came home with two more boxes (18kg) tonight.

Mandarins have been so cheap the last couple of weeks – these two boxes cost us a total of $24. Of course the real cost of all these wonderful, delicious mandarins needs to take into account our increased grocery bill because the flip side is we’ve been plowing through the bum tickets.

We encourage the kids to snack on fruit, and they really go with that advice when grapes, bananas and mandarins are in season.

Buying our fruit by the box means we don’t have to put locks on the fridge – they can eat as much as they like.

We have a mate who goes to the Brisbane markets for local restaurants and businesses, and he picks us up a box or two of whatever we need, fresh, at fantastic prices. Some weeks its potatoes, some weeks apples, this week mandarins 🙂

Hit up your local green grocer for a great price on a box of fruit. Don’t think you’ll eat your way through a whole box? Go halves with a friend. Or thirds with two friends. You’ll get a heap of fruit, cheap.

SAHM Bulk Buying ebook (which I wrote 🙂 thank you, thank you very much )

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