Wave At The Bus: The 170 Costumes

This man is a legend. Other fathers watch on in awe. He humbles me.

Dale is a stay at home dad who, after his son heads off to catch the bus, dresses in a different costume every day and then stands outside the house and waves at the bus.

Miss17 has informed me if I’d pulled this stunt she would have put herself up for adoption on the grounds of (my) insanity or (her) embarrassment – whichever they’d accept.

I’ve a link below to Dales’s blog and a video of 170 of his costume changes.

Dale, you rock! And hunt! And fight crime! And do spells! And play ball! And rule the seas! And you wear a mean tiara!

Wave At The Bus: The 170 Costumes: Here’s the quick video view. For links to each wave (in order), keep scrolling. Don’t sell yourself short, every day is worth a view (we…


  • I love this guy. I didn’t know he had a blog though! I’m definitely subscribing! Hilarious and strangely touching πŸ™‚

    • If we go to a fancy dress party we can spend days desperately trying to come up with ideas – this guy pulls out the big guns every day of the week! Awesome has a new king πŸ™‚

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