Bulk Buying Beer & Wine

Holidays! While Tracey has been working on packing bags and toiletries and all the usual stuff, I’ve been focusing my effects on calculating my beer consumption and the necessary quantities of the amber liquid I’ll be needing to purchase. It’s a thankless job but necessary to ensuring a great holiday. Although I admit the task is made easier because Tracey is A pregnant, and B not a beer drinker, so I only need to multiply by one.

When a lovely customer of mine, Jenny, told me there was a two day special on XXXX Gold at her bottle shop I raced in. Instead of $74 I paid $60 for 2 cartons – that’s $14 in my pocket right there. I usually buy six packs, which would have been $104, so that’s a $44 saving on my usual expenditure – although I buy six packs during a working week (one a week tops, Mum, I swear) because if I had a carton someone would drink it and that’s not a saving at all, that’s a party!
Also picked up six bottles of assorted Wolf Blass on special for $36. Because they usually retail for $15, that’s a saving of $54. These will be good for when family and friends drop by next week, and any left over will be stored for bargain Christmas presents.
So saved ourselves $68 today in the bottle shop – to put it in a working man’s perspective, that’s six bucks off two cartons of beers. But if you look at my usual shopping habit of buying beer in six packs, that’s $98 in savings, which is 2 and a half cartons!

It’s thirsty work, all this maths 😉 Time to crack one open.

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