And we’re off !! (It’s a rolling start)

Madness today. But in my experience, from disaster or turmoil the bestest of fun times can pop up its unlikely head. It’s at the point where I actually look forward to something going wrong. Well almost.

Tracey is at work so I’m left to move the household, via car and trailer, to Tin Can. A good friend of ours is house sitting, so I also have to tidy the place up before we go. Rooms don’t stay tidy around here for very long so my plan is to put all the kids in the car and then walk backwards through the house with a garbage bag and a box and alternatively throw whatever I find in one or the other.

Miss1 is being a huge help by checking all the stuff we’ve packed. Of course, a lot of the stuff she’s been checking has been at the bottom of the suitcases, so she’s had to make a bit of a mess, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

Tracey has left me a list of things to be sure I pack, which is great. If she’d also marked down where I’m to find this stuff it would have been even better.

Thankfully I have Miss16 to help me, and just as soon as she’s awake, dressed, makeuped and in the mood, she’s sure to be a Godsend.

To look at the amount of stuff we’re taking you wouldn’t think we were only going an hour down the road.

After work, Tracey’s mum & dad are driving Tracey down to us and then staying for dinner. This gives us the chance to get things set up, and by the time they arrive we’ll have the trailer and bags unpacked. In theory. Also in theory, I’ll have the kids bathed and dinner prepped.

Big storm has just rocked up as I’m about to start packing the trailer. It’s an uncovered trailer.

This is gonna be great 😀

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