Disney On (Thin) Ice

On the weekend we took the little kids to Disney On Ice. Like the Halloween segment of the show, the day was a freaking nightmare.There was me freaking out because we arrived late: an overtired Miss2 freaking out to the point where we decided she shouldn’t go in: Miss5 freezing mid-stride at the entrance because when the doors opened the cold air freaked her out: Master7 freaking out because our cheap seats were so high up he thought he was going to fall.

You know, the usual special day out for the Devereaux’s.

In the end we solved a lot of the problems by ringing up Master20 and having him and his girlfriend take the three little kids in while we took the youngest two to the park.

With all this ‘fun’, Disney has been on the kids minds a bit this week, with Miss5 playing Tinkerbell games and Miss8 watching snippets of the show on Youtube and reliving the experience. The only one the show hadn’t seemed to overly effect was Master7.

Or so we thought.

With Cousin8 and Cousin5 spending some holiday at our place while their parents work, Tracey has been thinking up things for them all to do: so the place doesn’t sink into anarchy. This afternoon she printed out drawings of Disney characters for everyone to sit around a table and colour in. She was a little amused when Master7 and Cousin8 picked out a sheet with princesses on it and started to colour it in together. Twenty minutes later they started colouring a second drawing, and Tracey was near enough to overhear the conversation.

“I loved the pattern we did on that one,” said Master7.

“Me too,” agreed Cousin8.

“Should we do it again like that?”

“Yeah, I think so,” said Cousin8, and they bent over the sheet with their pens.

The boys were right: they’re beautiful. Tonight we were having a giggle and looking at their efforts while Tracey told us the story.

“They sounded like…like..,” Tracey tried to find the right word.

“…like truck drivers?” Cousin8’s father asked hopefully.

Yep, sounds to me like we’ve got a couple of truck drivers on our hands because truck drivers, like tuna fishermen, are renowned for their keen sense of fashion.

The skeleton drawings, on the other hand, were being coloured in by Miss5. This was even more of a surprise because once inside the Disney On Ice stadium and seated, things settled down for all of ten seconds before Miss5 noticed there were skeletons in the show and flipped her lid.

“They’re not real,” her big brother assured her.

“Yes they are!” she screamed at him. Pointing at the costumed people skating around the stage she added, “They’re right there!!”

You just can’t argue with that sort of logic. And because Tracey and I were at the park drinking coffee, we didn’t have to 🙂

Gosh it’s freaking nice when something works out right.

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