Another Of My Life’s Great Mysteries Solved

Miss10 Mummy

I’ve noticed, over the years I’ve been with my wife, a worrying lack of nooky on those rare mornings we both happen to wake up before our children. Sure, there’s snuggling, huggling and sometimes canoodling, but no nooky.

And now I think I finally know why.

This morning heralded one of those days all parents dread. Well, maybe not all parents, but certainly all the parents living in this house.

 The school excursion. Or more specifically, the early morning start to the school excursion.

“I’ll get up,” Tracey had assured me the night before. It seemed a fair distribution of duties, given she’d made Miss10’s lunch, packed her bag, ironed her uniform and read the note from the teacher. “You’ve got to go to work.”

She’d already done so much to ensure Miss10 would get away on time and would look pretty, it would have felt rude to contradict her, so I didn’t argue.

But I also didn’t manage to get any more sleep than she did in the morning, what with the banging and whispering and foot stomping.

“There was no foot stomping,” Tracey told me when I mentioned this.

“It sounded like you two were attempting to Riverdance,” I grumbled when I thought, since I was awake anyway, I may as well get up and wish my daughter farewell for the day. I was careful, of course, to ensure I kept one eye shut in an attempt to fool my brain and possibly allow me to go back to sleep when the girls finished their jig.

When I entered the kitchen Miss10 was just about jumping out of her skin with eagerness to get out the door.

“Where are you going anyway?” I asked her. I’m fully aware this spotlights some pretty lame parenting, but it’s been a busy week.

“We’re going to Brisbane and then on a boat to an island and then the museum and then,” she said, coming to what’s clearly, to her mind, the highlight of the day, “Sizzler!”

“Since you’re up, you can take our photo,” said my wife. I pointed the phone in their direction and snapped a couple off. “Now you two,” she said, taking the phone back.

Which is how I ended up solving the mystery of why I can’t seem to get lucky before work. Because when I saw that photo of my beautiful daughter and myself…well, let’s just say I can’t really blame my wife for failing to get in the mood when greeted by my mug in the first light of dawn.

Miss10 Daddy

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs.”


  • I often read your posts at the end of my day – Keep it up 🙂 the worlds a little to serious most days!! It’s nice to smile at the end of a busy day.

  • Thanks 🙂 That’s lovely feedback. I figure if I can make my wife smile and chuckle when she’s reading a post I’m on the right track.

  • lmao! I was truly wondering (as I often do when I read your posts), where this one was going to go (and if I could get there before you). Well played Bruce, well played! Loved it.

  • hubby wonders just the same thing..might be the late nights and early mornings..too funny.

  • I usually wouldn’t suggest taking a camera to bed (because it makes me sound ikky) but take a photo for him when he first wakes up. I found it explained a lot 😉

  • for a very brief moment I thought your shirt said “Duggars”….which interestingly enough could also be a reason your wife avoids you in the mornings… I think last count was 19 kids!

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