BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller Review

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Ah, Viktor, you very unattractive man

When I was asked to review a stroller to give away I was thrilled. With seven kids under my not inconsiderable belt, I know a thing about strollers.

Specifically, I know what I don’t like. I don’t like when the height is just the wrong height for you to walk normally. I don’t like when my feet kick the under basket when I walk normally. I don’t like it when it’s difficult to maneuver at the shops. I don’t like it when they topple if my wife’s handbag is hanging off the handle.

The list goes on, but you get the gist. Bring it on, I thought.

Then it arrived.

“Um, Bruce,” Tracey called from the dinning room. “The stroller has arrived.”

“Great!” I said, coming in from the lounge. I was keen to test this baby out.

“You realize it’s a jogging stroller?”

I froze. She laughed.

“Well that’s an interesting development,” I said. I see people around town, mainly women, pushing strollers and jogging. I confess I don’t get it. It looks like a hard way to get fit.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I devised a test to put the B.O.B. Revolution SE stroller through its paces. We packed up the kids and headed to our local Roadcraft Driver Education centre.

After completing my stretching exercises with my donned helmet (safety first), we began.

The idea was to strap Miss1 in and belt around the outside of the primary school bicycle road circuit, comparing times with no stroller, old stroller and lovely, new, ‘OMG it’s gorgeous’ BOB Revolution SE stroller.

Now before I go on I think perhaps I should mention, the reason Tracey umm’d a bit when she saw the box was for a jogging stroller is I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an athlete. I cycle, yes. Often. But I don’t run. I don’t jog. I don’t dart, sprint or skip. I did managed a trot several months ago, but it didn’t go well. Walking is what I do, and often under sufferance. So my plan was to power walk my way around the course.

Oh, I also don’t power walk.

“Go!” yelled Tracey, with just a little too much of a smile on her face for my liking. To make things more interesting my kids had lined up on their bikes to race me around the track. Miss9 had even volunteered to play medic if I needed one, which was a lovely sentiment.

My first lap was competed in 1.35 minutes.

“Two to go,” grinned Tracey.

It suddenly occurred to me Tracey does most the pram pushing in this family: she should be doing this.

First lap. Hamming it up. Should have conserved my energy.

“Go!” yelled Tracey, and I shot off in the wake of my kids, pushing our old stroller with Miss1 strapped in. Almost immediately I kicked the basket and had to adjust my stance so I hunched a bit, stretching my arms forward.

“One minute, forty one seconds,” said Tracey when I huffed to a halt. I quickly checked out Miss1 to make sure all her teeth were still in – it was a rough circuit, with every bump shuddering its way up through stroller. “You ready to go again?”

“Not quite,” I said between breaths.

“You’re looking a bit shagged,” she said. “Medic!” Miss9 arrived with a bottle of water for me. I ignored their smirks and strapped Miss1 in. The first thing I noticed about the B.O.B. Revolution SE stroller was how much more comfortable Miss1 seemed. It was wider than our old model and she just seemed to fit better.

I also had initial concerns about it being three wheels, having had a three wheeler some years ago and experiencing difficulty with toppling. I jiggled the stroller. I tipped it up on two wheels. There was no sign of toppling. Which, considering I was about to power walk my youngest around the circuit, was a really good thing.

I played around a bit more with the stroller, catching my breath.

“Times a ticking,” grinned Tracey.

“You’re enjoying this a little too much,” I told her and rallied myself for another lap.

“Go!” yelled my wife for a third and final time. 

The first thing I noticed as I strode forward was how much smoother the ride was for both Miss1 and myself. The vibrations I’d experienced on the previous lap were gone. The handle was a nice height and my feet didn’t kick anything.

‘I get it now,’ I thought to myself. ‘I can see why people can do this.’

Not that I’m about to take up jogging anytime soon, but I could see now why racing about behind one of these contraptions isn’t the nightmare I thought it would be. They’re so well engineered and balanced.

My lap was completed in a respectable 1.37 minutes.

But it wasn’t the better time which Tracey noticed, it was how much better I looked completing the circuit.

“It was just so much easier to push,” I told her.

We’ve been enjoying the B.O.B. Revolution SE for a couple of weeks now and it is more than one step above our old stroller. And to be honest, we didn’t even know how much of a rough ride little Miss1 was getting as we pushed her around town until we experienced the new stroller.

The only area our old stroller wins out is in size – the B.O.B. Revolution SE is bigger and we have limited space in the Paj (wouldn’t be a problem in a normal car or with a normal sized family). However, I’ve just timed myself in the kitchen and when it’s collapsed it takes an extra four seconds to remove the side wheels (nine seconds in total to collapse it) and a total of eleven seconds to snap the wheels on and deftly flick the stroller open – everything just clicks beautifully into place.

Yes, this is a stroller for joggers, but I have to say it’s also a damn good piece of kit just for pushing your bundle of preciousness around town. Well done, Bob, whoever you are. Your stroller is a winner in my books.

The good people at BOB have given me one of these fantastic strollers to giveaway – check out the entry at the top of the page, and tell your friends! Especially your childless friends. If they win they can gift it to you!!

For more information on this stroller, and others in the range, here’s a LINK 🙂

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