My kids behaving. Don’t blink.

For once, our kids were behaving in public while at a table. This was the other day, just before Miss1 threw up on me in the doctors surgery.

This perfect behaviour was such an amazing accomplishment Tracey felt she just had to immortalize it on film. She wants to give Nanny and Grandma a copy. I’m thinking of framing it and hanging it in our bedroom.

Clearly Miss4 hasn’t noticed the smoke shop behind her because otherwise she’d be giving that lady in the blue cardigan a mouthful about the ill effects of smoking and why she shouldn’t be wasting her money. She’s been big on spreading the word since Poppy’s brother passed away from emphysema.

But enough of that, everybody focus on how well behaved my kids are being!! And if you know my parents, call them and tell them!


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 ’raising a family on little more than laughs’

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