A Hairy Moment

Our daughter has been absolutely wonderful about her broken leg. No complaints or whinging. She’s simply done what needs doing and soldiered on.

Even when the cast came off and her left leg was covered in tiny dark hairs, she didn’t complain at all. In fact, she thought it was hilarious.

We were all laughing at her one hairy leg when I weighed in with, “You’re getting more and more like your mother every day.” Followed by, “Ow!”

Even when the doctors decided the bone was healed but her leg was still buggered (stretched ligaments) she didn’t lose her sense of humour. She says she likes her wheels (the wheelchair we’ve hired for her).

As a reward for all her good behaviour, Tracey suggested tonight they have a girls night when the she’s back on her feet.

“Yeah,” Miss9 said. “And we can shave our legs together.”

“No, we’re not shaving our legs,” laughed Tracey.

“You could shave your face,” suggested Miss9.

“I beg your pardon?”

“There,” said Miss9, pointing to just under Tracey’s nose. “Mum, are you trying to grow a mustache?”

I can’t work out if my little girl is brave or silly. Either way, she shouldn’t say stuff like that if she can’t run. I decided to sacrifice myself to save her.

“Yeah, Mum,” I said, quickly throwing my two cents in. “It’s February, not Movember. Ow!”

I think it’s best they do something on their girls night which doesn’t involve razors. Maybe Miss9 can pluck her mum’s eyebrow 😉

Shave your legs flow chart

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  • I had a seven year old tell me I looked like I was having a baby… Three months after I had one. Worst thing was it cam literally moments after having a ‘I hope my stomach doesn’t stick out too much still’ reflections. Childhood innocence indeed 🙂

    • You’re being played like a saloon piano 🙂 As for any stomach – who cares!? Look at what you’ve done!

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