House Call

The maths just doesn’t add up – five little kids and only a handful of phone calls in any given day.

Our kids ALL love answering the phone. They must get it from Tracey because I wouldn’t care if I never got to use a phone ever again.

“I’ll get it!” is a chorus which reverberates off the walls of our house whenever the phone rings. Followed, since there is only one phone, by the jostling and squabbling and calls of, “It’s MY turn!!” And if you just happen to be one of the youngest then it’s a race you don’t win very often.

We’d been waiting for a call from Miss9’s doctor about her leg so when the phone rang Tracey quickly wrapped up the conversation she was having with her mum on our balcony. She turned towards the door just as it slid shut and went ‘click’.

Then the phone stopped ringing and from inside the house she heard, “Heddo. Dis is Dophie. Who dis?”

Tracey tapped on the door. “Sweetie,” she cooed. “Please open the door.”

Miss3 turned her back on her mother.

“I watching Dora!”


Miss3 started to walk away.

“You like Dora too?”

“Sophie! Open the door!”

“Shh! I on da phone,” she called over her shoulder. Then into the phone, “”Dorry bout dat. Where you?”

Tracey raced around rattling doors and checking for an open window. Nothing.

But by the time she got back to the sliding door, Miss3 had said her piece.

“I go now,” she said into the phone as she reached up and unlocked the sliding door. “Here’s Mummy.”

And Tracey finally got to talk to a very amused doctor. Actually, it has to be said, for a busy doctor he was very patient.

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  • Lol so cute probably made the doctors day. My youngest now 18 answered the phone at four years old and when asked if Mum or Dad were home said yes and promptly hung up. Never did find out who that was . After a chat about phone etiquette ,we gave her another go . She told my mother we were in the shower together! We tried to give safety advice there with never say you are in the house on your own you know , mums in the shower , dads in the shed ect gahh. There are older siblings BTW. So if we weren’t here they were.

      • In the 60s mum & dad had a mill bar and the phone was in the back room. My sister always played with it and they never took much notice until one day it sounded like she was having a proper conversation…. she had called America!

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