A Deal That’ll Bowl You Over


“Our bowling scores were really bad,” Master22 told me after he’d gone along to his local AMF bowling centre. He sounded a bit miffed. “I don’t know what’s happened. I was better at bowling when I was in school. I definitely need to practice.”

“Were you really any good?” I couldn’t remember any bowling talent scouts knocking down our door. But then it’s been a few years since he was in primary school and I’d probably have been pushing a pram somewhere in the background.

“I was great,” he assured me. “I’d get a couple of strikes and heaps of spares every game.”

I recently heard similar boasts from his younger siblings, who all achieved impressive scores at Master9’s recent party at our local centre. Bowling parties have really taken off this year with my school age kids, with one of the parents at Master9’s party commenting it was their third bowling party in as many weeks.

And it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. The atmosphere is exciting, with music blasting, and the kids get to do what they aren’t allowed to do at home – throw something big and heavy and try to knock as many things over as they can.

As well as the all day special for the bowling (all day bowling for just $16.90), if you’re close to one of the 16 AMF centres which has a laser skirmish battleground then for another $3 the kids can have unlimited laser games as well.

It’s awesome fun and it gets the kids active. Plus, you wear them out enough and they’ll sleep like husbands when they get home to bed.


And, like Master22, they’ll have some great memories which will be pretty hard to beat.

“So why do you think you were so much better in primary school?” I asked my oldest son.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Maybe I’m trying to bowl the ball too hard now instead of going for accuracy and placement.”

“You think you had better ball control as a kid?”

“Yeah. I must have. I scored 92. When I was a kid I was scoring well over 150.” He sighed into the phone. “I need more finesse.”

“So you don’t think maybe having the lane bumpers as a kid would have made a difference?”

There was a pause while my twenty-two year old university student son processed that nugget. It’s a real pleasure to listen to his finely honed brain work sometimes.

“Okay, so yeah,” he said finally. “Maybe that would have helped too.”

If you’re looking for something fun and inexpensive to do with the kids this Easter break, check out the funtastic Easter holiday deals AMF have going not only on bowling and laser tag, but food and arcade games as well.

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  • I love any school holidays, but especially the Easter ones as I get to sleep in, eat waaaayyyy too many easter eggs and hot x buns. I also love spending time on day trips or just eating out as a family.

  • The best thing about school holidays is when the kids (I have 2, I care for 7 of them though!!!) fall into an exhausted heap after a fun day filled with activities!!!!

  • the best thing about school holidays is all the baking we do and fun outings we have as a family we dont do much during the school terms due to work and sport commitments as well as school homework. the holidays are when we get to unleash (hubby and i also take the holidays off work to allow this) and we all as a family look forward to it 🙂

  • The best thing about school holidays, is it’s relaxed nature.. No routine, no school lunches, no after school activities, little peeps and me in pj’s til brunch–just breathing, just being in the moment ! And then enjoying chocolate for breakfast Easter morning..! 🙂 yum

  • I love keeping my son entertained with endless fun activities, from painting, picnics in the park and rollerskating, to the movies, bowling, backyard cricket and baking cupcakes. I really enjoy spending more time with him!

  • The kids get to see their interstate cousins, I get to pig out on all their chocolates, and everyone is in a good mood!

  • I love arranging activities for my kids. We’ve been to cousins farm, had sleepovers and been quad biking. I really love school holidays.

  • The best thing about holidays is a taking a break from the school run! Plus it gives me 2 solid weeks to sniff out some awesome free/cheap holiday activities!! We LOVE bowling in our household, bumper of course as it means mummy actually knocks down a pin or 2 😉

  • Not having to make school lunches, round up the kids for school, fight with them to get dressed, doing hair & cleaning teeth. Pile them in the car, find a car park get them in class. Then go off to work myself. Holidays = not rushed

  • Got to admit. 4 kids, 30 weeks gone with number 5.

    The best part about Easter holidays is hiding from them while stealing and devouring their Easter eggs.

  • Lost 12 kilos before Easter. Put 12 kilos back on on Easter Sunday! So eating Chocolate! ( n eating the kids chocolate…even better lol)

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