Why My Young Son Wants To Leave School

shock horror

“Can I quit school?” Master9 asked tonight.

Our boy loves school. He’s generally the first dressed and keen to get there in the morning. So this was a bit of a startling revelation.

“What’s wrong?” Tracey asked him, thinking maybe he was having trouble in class or with bullies.

“He doesn’t want to go to grade five next year,” Miss10 announced over his shoulder. She was grinning wildly, so clearly whatever the problem was, she’d instigated it.

“Why wouldn’t he want to go to grade five?” Tracey asked her, since Master9 was currently remaining obstinately mute about the whole thing.

“Because we learn about this!” said Miss10, thrusting a couple of sheets of paper at us. “We learn about sex,” she said with glee. More glee, I swear, than I’ve ever heard in her voice. A glee record she broke with her very next sentence. “We learned about vaginas today!”

The lesson is actually called Family Planning, which for some reason I assumed was to do with grocery shopping.

“I need to quit school,” insisted Master9, finding his voice again.

The sheets of paper showed drawings of a naked boy and a naked girl, and Miss10 had labeled all the naughty bits in class.

“Let me see!” shouted Miss7, shouldering her way into the conversation.

“Don’t show her!” said Master9. “She’s only in grade two!”

But it was too late.

“I like it,” grinned Miss7. “Hey, look! A doodle!”

“It’s actually called a penis,” Miss10 told her knowingly.

I seriously can’t understand why Master9 is so worried. Sharing the one bathroom has meant he’s been around naked siblings his whole life. Hopefully, by next year, he’ll have overcome his embarrassment, or whatever the problem is, enough so that he can sit there and giggle and snicker with the rest of his class.

For now, though, he’s come up with his own solution to getting around this issue.

“I want to be home schooled,” he told us, storming off. “We can start tomorrow.”

This made me giggle because my nickname at Uni was Scote :)
These are the two pages Miss10 offended Master9 with 🙂

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